Todd Boyce’s next job confirms that Killer Stephen is leaving Coronation Street.

How exactly will he depart? (Image from ITV)

Given that Todd Boyce’s upcoming acting role has been revealed, time is unquestionably running out for Stephen Reid in Coronation Street.

Following the assassination of Leo Thompkins last September, the persona assumed the position of the Weatherfield villain.

Stephen has since killed a guy named Rufus and Teddy, the father of Leo.

As the days pass, Stephen keeps making mistakes, making others like Peter (Chris Gascoyne) and Tim (Joe Duttine) realize that he is a horrible choice.

And given that Todd Boyce has joined the Mother Goose ensemble in a pantomime play at Derby Arena, it appears that the time will soon come when the truth will be known.

Todd will be playing the character of Demon Vanity, which has led to rumors that he may leave the ITV serial opera shortly. It would be challenging to balance filming in Manchester and singing at the Derby Arena at the same time!

In the next weeks, things will only become worse for Stephen when Leo’s body parts will be discovered on the building site that Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) and Ronnie (Vinta Morgan) has recently purchased.

Police and residents of Corrie gathered to see the pulling out of yet another horrible discovery in scenes shot along a canal. As viewers are aware, Stephen hid Teddy’s body in the canal where Tim is pursuing shifty Stephen.

The time is running out. (Image from ITV)

Todd Boyce warned us, “We are going to see him start taking chances.” It would be fascinating to see how he handles the strain when his life starts to fall apart as he becomes more desperate.

He will inevitably start making blunders, which might be his downfall.

Another co-star of Todd’s, Chris Gascoyne, will also shortly bid the cobbles farewell when he joins a different pantomime production at the end of the year.

The Derby Arena will host Mother Goose beginning on Friday, December 8.

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