Soap & Spoilers EastEnders As he receives the NTA, Bobby Brazier says his late mother Jade Goody “would be proud” of him.

As he receives the NTA, Bobby Brazier says his late mother Jade Goody “would be proud” of him.

Following the presentation on Tuesday night, Bobby Brazier pondered what his late mother Jade Goody might have thought of his achievement in receiving the National Television Award.

At London’s O2, the 20-year-old EastEnders star accepted the Rising Star award and couldn’t hide his enthusiasm as he approached the platform.

Bobby Brazier, who lost his mother to cervical cancer at the age of 27 in March 2009, attended the special star-studded event with his father Jeff Brazier, 44.

The soap opera actor contemplated how his mother might have felt if she had been around to see his victory before it really happened.

On the red carpet, he exclusively revealed that Goody “would be proud too.”

And not only for Strictly, I believe, but for everything. Everyone I know and love is proud of me, and I believe Mom would feel the same way. My life is much greater than this.

Dedicated his victory to his father Jeff (Image from Shutterstock)

Before the live event began, when questioned about being called the “black horse” of the competition, he said, “You know what, it’s not really deserved yet.” Most likely, they spot a young lad who enjoys dancing.

The young actor wooed the crowd with his passionate comments during his acceptance speech.

When the actor gave his remarks, the audience in the room fought back tears (Image: Shutterstock).

It has little to do with me and everything to do with my dad, he said in an homage to his father.

I’ve repeatedly heard him say, “Because I can,” and he simply says that, because I can, throughout the course of the last 20 years.

Bobby, who had just recently joined Albert Square, won his medal for portraying Freddie Slater on the serial opera.

On Twitter, admirers complimented the celebrity and offered their congratulations for winning, providing messages of encouragement.

One person said: “Bobby Brazier gave a fantastic acceptance speech. Without a doubt, his mother would be incredibly proud.

‘I have to tell I gleefully clapped when #bobbybrazier got the award,’ one person commented. He is a wonderful addition to @bbceastenders and has a natural knack for acting.

The soap actor expressed his disbelief while thanking his loved ones (Illustration: Shutterstock).
His mother passed away at age 27 from cancer (Image: Getty Images).

‘#BobbyBrazier What a terrific man he is—so likable, modest, and brilliant. In his role as Freddie Slater on @bbceastenders #EastEnders, he has been a revelation. He learned acting on the job and has made amazing progress.

One user exclaimed, “The GBP will LOVE him on @bbcstrictly #Strictly.” Another account praised the performer.

On several occasions that evening, EastEnders won the prize for best soap, giving the institution a perfect night.

The soap opera earned prizes for best serial drama and best serial drama performance for Danielle Harold’s portrayal of Lola.

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