Soap & Spoilers EastEnders Rita Simons, an exuberant EastEnders cast member, praises her “beautiful pal” Danielle Harold.

Rita Simons, an exuberant EastEnders cast member, praises her “beautiful pal” Danielle Harold.

After Danielle Harold won an award at the National Television Awards, former EastEnders star Rita Simons offered a lovely tribute to her.

After her last narrative as Lola Pearce, Danielle received a nomination for Best Serial Drama Performance and ultimately took home the prize.

After learning that she had a brain tumor and would eventually pass away, the well-known figure Lola made the conscious decision to cherish every moment she had left with her loved ones.

At the end of May, Lola passed away with her husband Jay (Jamie Borthwick) and daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown) at her side.

In recent weeks, Lola has made an appearance on the BBC One soap opera ahead of Lexi’s first day at high school. Prior to her passing, she appeared in a video message in which she urged Lexi to be nice and try her best at all times.

Rita Simons sent a heartfelt congratulations on Instagram after Danielle accepted the prize at Friday night’s gala.

I’ll stop with these images soon, promise, the Roxy Mitchell actress tweeted with a behind-the-scenes photo of them both. But look at this lovely young lady! @danielle_harold I’ve known her when she was a newborn and very tiny.She has developed into a bloody wonderful actor and a stunning young woman. I am honored to call her a friend. She deservedly won last night’s award for best serial drama performance.

The prize for Serial Drama Performance went to Danielle. (Image via WireImage)
In EastEnders, Rita played Roxy Mitchell. (Image: BBC)

Could not be happier. Mama loves you Sooo, and yes, we both took off our shoes because we are the epitome of elegance.You can remove the woman from the East End.

Rita recently decided to switch from EastEnders to Hollyoaks when it was revealed she would be joining the show.

With the part being confirmed to be long-term, her character promises to bring major drama.

There was a big buzz about Rita joining the program at the time, according to a source who spoke to “She’s a terrific signing!”

The character will be at the center of some extremely significant tales and have a significant influence. The bosses have great plans for her.

To suggest she will cause a commotion would be an understatement.

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