Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Spoilers for Emmerdale: Evil Craig’s horrific remarks following Lydia’s rape in heartbreaking moments

Spoilers for Emmerdale: Evil Craig’s horrific remarks following Lydia’s rape in heartbreaking moments

Lydia was raped by Craig (ITV picture).

In Tuesday’s episode of Emmerdale (September 5), Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) was raped by her boss and ex-friend Craig (Ben Addis), shattering her life. However, although Lydia was obviously stunned and upset by the incident, Craig appeared unconcerned.

Prior to this, Lydia and Craig had a tender time together after visiting Toby’s final resting place. Lydia confided in Kim (Claire King), expressing her unease with their connection and concern that she could have given Craig the incorrect impression.

She made the decision to leave her cleaning position at his offices, and she went to hand it in in person. Even though she made it known to Craig that she wasn’t interested, it was soon apparent that he had deep feelings for her. “I have a wife. I have a spouse, a son, and a life,” she declared.

Since getting back in touch with Lydia, it appeared that Craig—who acknowledged being lonely—had inflated their relationship into something it wasn’t. He said that “the gods were bringing us back in each other’s orbits.” “Or was Toby.”

Lydia might live a life beyond her wildest dreams, according to Craig. I can arrange for the Rolls Royce and the Caribbean island. We may recover from all those years that we lost.

He assured her he loved her and had never stopped loving her before lunging at her and raping her despite her protests and refusals.

Afterward, it was obvious that Lydia had been traumatized and was still reeling from what had happened, but Craig was unaware of this. His remarks to her were extremely harsh as he pretended that something romantic had truly occurred, but it was hard to determine if he really thought that something consensual had occurred or whether he was trying to hide his own guilt.

Interesting how things work out, huh? If only you had informed me the two of us would do it two days ago.

A terrible incident happened. (Image from ITV)

Lydia interrupted him and pleaded with him to let her go home. He volunteered to drive her and warned her that the area was undesirable. “You shouldn’t venture out by yourself. Everything is possible.

It had for Lydia previously.

Craig was still mostly unaware of Lydia’s quiet on the journey home, and he was also blind to the tears that began to fall down her face. He talked about teaching Samson (Sam Hall) how to drive in his luxurious automobile and mentioned that he was almost caught speeding a few days before. He claimed it was fortunate because he knew the policeman who stopped him.

Will Lydia’s decision to report the rape be influenced by this remark if she believes that the police will likely side with Craig?

He took hold of her hand as they drew up outside Wishing Well. She froze as he said, “Thank you for today.” It was very unique. He claimed he would never consider speaking to Sam (James Hooton).

We’ll simply keep this private, we say.

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