Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Spoilers for Emmerdale: Manpreet’s crippling remorse for the shocking death

Spoilers for Emmerdale: Manpreet’s crippling remorse for the shocking death

Manpreet battles (Image from ITV)

When he accused his father Victor (Eddie Osei) of stealing Manpreet’s (Rebecca Sarker) jewellery, Charles (Kevin Mathurin) committed the unimaginable. Victor’s aneurism ruptured as a result of the tension it generated, and he passed away. Charles then took things a step further by telling Manpreet the sad truth about what he had done.

Charles had quietly determined that he wanted to get rid of his father, so he came up with the scheme of slipping Jai’s family heirloom necklace into his father’s pocket in the hopes that Manpreet would discover it and give Victor the boot.

Instead, she discovered it and phoned the police right away, endangering Victor’s freedom because he was on probation.

Victor did a bunk when PC Swirling arrived because Claudette (Flo Wilson), who had previously rejected his claims of innocence, would not hear him. Later, Charles discovered him dead within the church, having succumbed to the strain of being falsely accused of something.

Charles was ashamed of what he had done and knew that if anybody found out, he would be out of a job and his entire family would be gone. However, he blurted it out to Manpreet when the weight of the secret got to be too great.

His partner was horrified by his admission and pleaded with him to tell the truth, but he refused, saying that if he did, he would lose his mother and kids. Because of this, Manpreet has had to bear the burden of the truth alone, which is quickly becoming too much for her.

Victor died unexpectedly (Image from ITV)

Grieving The GP needs to know that Claudette misled to Charles about how much help she actually need from him. She lied because she was attempting to suppress her anguish about Victor’s alleged betrayal. Charles has also refrained from providing help since he is responsible for the death of his father in some manner.

Manpreet fights to conceal his secret since knowing that Claudette is hurting because of Charles is additional burden on his shoulders.

She is aware that Claudette deserves to hear the truth in order to let go of the resentment she harbors for her late husband. Is Manpreet going to give in and admit the truth?

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