Soap & Spoilers EastEnders The six EastEnders assassins discuss their wackiest predictions for Christmas fatalities.

The six EastEnders assassins discuss their wackiest predictions for Christmas fatalities.

The six EastEnders killers who will be responsible for the forthcoming Christmas murder have offered their craziest beliefs about the murder victim, and they are really plausible.

Six of the show’s renowned matriarchs stood erect over a body in The Queen Vic in a special flash-forward episode that aired during the classic soap opera’s 38th anniversary week in February and hinted to a murder that would occur over the holiday season this year.

The identity of the victim is still unknown, and fans are feverishly attempting to figure out precisely who will die. Some viewers have even seen little hints in both the flash-forward sequence and the subsequent, present-day episodes.

During Tuesday’s National Television Awards, Lacey Turner, Stacey Slater, Kellie Bright, Linda Carter, Gillian Taylforth, Kathy Beale, Diane Parish, and Balvinder Sopal, who play Suki Panesar and Denise Fox, respectively, made sure no one forgot what’s to come by dressing in their characteristic hues.

And instead of revealing the identify of the unfortunate victim, they instead shared their own guesses.

Diane started, “Back from the dead.”

The Six were huddled together over a dead body. (Image: BBC)
Even on the red carpet, The Six vowed to uphold their order (Image: David Fisher/Shutterstock for NTA).

Roly, returned from the grave, Leitia joked, referring to the most well-known dogs from the soap operas.

Anything is conceivable now that it has been revealed that Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins), who was thought to have died 20 years ago, had actually been living covertly as Rose Knight.

Lacey simply stated, “Maybe it was all a dream,” but Kellie offered a different viewpoint: “Maybe they’re not dead after all.”

There are many possibilities, but what is certain is that it has kept people on the edge of their seats for the whole year, said Diane. It has never been done before where we gave viewers a sneak peek the year prior to keep viewers interested. Therefore, you had best pay attention!

Diane, don’t worry—we’ll do it!

Super fans were aware of the amount of detail in the women’ clothing choices.

“The colors. the arrangement. One user said on social media, “This is marketing at its best.”

OMG, this is great, a third person said.

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