Who on Coronation Street was played by Sarah Lancashire?

With enthusiasm, Sarah Lancashire recalled her time spent on Coronation Street. (Image courtesy of NTA and Matt Crossick/Shutterstock)

Sarah Lancashire, an actress from Happy Valley, won Special Recognition at yesterday’s 2023 National Television Awards.

She mentioned her experience on Coronation Street, Britain’s longest-running soap opera, while accepting the honor.

“We had a great writing team in the ’90s when I was in Coronation Street,” Sarah stated in a press conference. “Every soap grows every decade, and my decade was blessed with Paul Abbott, Sally Wainwright, and Frank Cottrell-Boyce.”

The “calibre of individuals that you’re dealing with and in such an instantaneous form is incredible,” she said, calling the soap one of the “greatest training schools in the world.”

Who exactly did Sarah Lancashire portray on Coronation Street, though?

Find out by reading on.

Who played the role of Sarah Lancashire on Coronation Street?
Between 1991 and 1996, Raquel Wolstenhulme (later Watts) made frequent appearances on the program, and Sarah Lancashire played her.

On January 23, 1991, Raquel made her debut on Coronation Street, and on January 2, 2000, she made her final appearance.

Raquel spent a lot of time working the bar at the Rover’s Return Inn, but her ultimate goal was to be a model. She would even manage the odd job.

After breaking her on-again, off-again romance with Des Barnes, the bartender would eventually become Curly Watts’ first wife.

Raquel eventually left Weathfield to work as an aromatherapist in Kuala Lumpur since her relationship with Curly was never really steady.

Raquel and Curly knew they were doomed no matter how hard they tried (Image: ITV/REX).

Later, while she was away, she gave birth to their daughter, Alice Watts.

Raquel had relocated to France and was employed by Armand de Beaux as his housekeeper, it was later discovered.

In 2000, Raquel made a quick trip back to Weatherfield to ask Curly for a divorce, inform him of the existence of his daughter, and confess she was now expecting Armand’s child.

In her closing words about Coronation Street at the NTAs, Sarah Lancashire expressed her pride in her four years on the show.

I have the extreme good fortune to work with wonderful individuals.

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