Coronation Street explores the puzzle of Cassie, a heroin user, having perfect teeth.

Fans are astonished by drug addict Cassie’s spotless teeth (ITV image).

The entrance of Cassie Plummer (Claire Sweeney) to Coronation Street has been well received by viewers. Cassie has upset Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) and Nan Evelyn (Maureen Lipman).

One aspect of her, nevertheless, has perplexed observers: How can she have such flawless teeth?

As a heroin addict who was living on the streets, Cassie overdosed during her first few episodes.

Thankfully, she made it through and moved on to get sober with her mother Evelyn.

However, years of drug usage undoubtedly have an impact on oral health. How has Cassie maintained such a white smile?

She hasn’t, in fact.

In a recent scene, Tyrone asked daughter Hope (Isabella Flanagan) whether she had cleaned her teeth, bringing up Cassie’s oral hygiene.

“Look after them; I don’t want you to spend as much as I have in the past.” Cassie informed the woman, pointing to her own set of teeth, “These have cost me a lot.

Therefore, it would appear that Cassie’s stunning smile is the product of extensive dental treatment and several visits to the dentist.

The allusion to her flawless teeth pleased viewers on X, now known as Twitter, who were quick to notice it.

Cassie has created quite a sensation since joining Coronation Street, and not only because of her pearly whites.

She was eventually revealed to be Tyrone’s mother and Evelyn Plummer’s daughter.
Evelyn was concerned about Tyrone discovering the truth because he had grown up believing that his mother was deceased.

Tyrone was left speechless and outraged when Cassie abruptly revealed everything in the midst of the Bistro.

He first shunned Cassie and Evelyn but quickly warmed to the notion of getting to know his mother.

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