Danny Walters of EastEnders says it’s a sad that a cherished co-star was fired.

Karen is about to depart the program. (Image: BBC)

The news that Lorraine Stanley will leaving the program was discussed by EastEnders actor Danny Walters.

The final moments of Lorraine’s seven-year portrayal of Karen Taylor will run later this year. Metro.co.uk understands that EastEnders made the choice to write the character out.

The actress recently shared her regret at the decision on social media and paid homage to everyone who helped make her time on the BBC One serial opera special.

‘Thank you to the BBC for providing me the opportunity to portray such a fantastic role, and to [writer] Daran Little for creating the Taylors,’ she said.

I’ll miss all the EastEnders actors and staff and will be sad to say goodbye to Karen Taylor.

However, I’m enthused about beginning new businesses and looking forward to my next chapter in life as a jobbing actor.

Keanu, Karen’s son, is portrayed by Danny (Photo: BBC).

“Once more, thank you for your nice comments and incredible support!! I’ll miss my Taylor and Baker famalam. Roger Griffiths, Matthew Morrison, Danny Walters, and Clair Norris. Lots of love.

Danny Walters has shared his opinion on Lorraine’s departure as rumors persist that Karen could be harmed in the forthcoming cafĂ© fire.

Shona McGarty will also depart the program along with Lorraine (Image: BBC).

Keanu, the character played by the actor, said to the Daily Star: “I don’t know when or how she goes, but I know it’s been announced.” Simply said, I’m grateful to have worked and known Lorraine for five years.

Although it will be sad to see her depart, I wish her well.

Another leave is planned for Shona McGarty, who will bid Whitney Dean farewell after 15 years.

Whitney has largely experienced trauma in Walford, but soon after the death of their daughter Peach earlier this year, she and Zack (James Farrar) will focus on starting a foster family.

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