Soap & Spoilers EastEnders EastEnders reveals massive murder twist, Kat’s anger, and Lily’s baby mistake

EastEnders reveals massive murder twist, Kat’s anger, and Lily’s baby mistake

Walford is a combat zone for families!(Image: BBC)

Families are feeling stressed and on the verge of breaking down as major EastEnders feuds explode in the episodes airing next week.

The forthcoming nuptials of Kat Slater and Phil Mitchell (Jessie Wallace and Steve McFadden) may be the first casualty.

She lashes out at her groom’s dishonesty, furious that he is teaching Tommy boxing behind her back, only to be shocked to her core when he unintentionally spills Alfie Moon’s (Shane Richie) cancer diagnosis.

The return of Emma Harding (Patsy Kensit) is causing a lot of tension in the Mitchell family as a whole, not least of all for Ben (Max Bowden), who is suffering.

He starts ranting immediately about her return and the effect it would have on Lexi. Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) is also enraged and throws her out.

She doesn’t, however, appear to be prepared to leave.
Regarding the Slaters, Stacey (Lacey Turner) is unsure of how to handle Lily’s (Lillia Turner) ability to handle parenting at such an early age.

She and Ricky are having fun while taking care of Charli when Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) discovers them.

On the defensive, Stacey is humiliated by her daughter’s behavior, which sets up a confrontation.

Monday September 11

Kat does not desire a secretive marriage. (Image: BBC)

When Alfie discloses that Tommy hit him and that he and Phil have been handling it alone by taking him to the boxing gym, Kat becomes upset. When she confronts Phil about his secrecy, he unintentionally spills the beans on Alfie’s cancer diagnosis.

Kat is terrified to learn that Alfie should receive his prostate cancer test results today from Phil, and she abandons everything to go to the hospital with him. Phil and Kat argue over his dishonesty at home.

Due to baby Charli, everyone at No. 31 is fatigued after a restless night. Lily persuades Stacey and Eve to go to work and allow her take care of her infant daughter despite the fact that Stacey is in charge. Stacey reluctantly consents.

But as Lily and Ricky leave, tragedy hits, and Jack is shocked to see them making fun of baby Charli.

Jack approaches Stacey and accuses her, making her drag Lily home in shame.

In light of Emma’s homecoming, Jay and Callum are concerned for Lexi (Image: BBC).

Lexi has been messaging Emma, who has returned, which causes Jay to worry that she is being secretive with her phone. She says that she’s been worried about Lexi for weeks and that she’s been contacting her.

Callum begs Jay to listen for Lexi’s sake as he expels Emma. Emma requests a second meeting for tomorrow.

Whitney and Zack have a fruitful conversation with the fostering agency, but they are informed that they must first have their own apartment before applying. The news that they’ll be leaving upsets Chelsea.

Tuesday September 12 

The ideas of Ravi and Chelsea make Denise furious. (Image: BBC)

Kat has closed Phil out, so he attempts to make things right with her. Phil shows up at the taxi business with chocolates for Kat after Sharon gives him some encouragement, but he is unable to make up with her.

In a rage, Phil rushes to Peggy’s house to be alone himself, but Emma interrupts and demands a G&T. At the Vic, Sharon tries to reason with Kat, who then leaves in search of Phil.

Following the news of Whitney’s fostering, Chelsea opens up to Denise and asks to come back in with them as she suffers with Whitney’s approaching departure. Ravi, though, shows up and offers to move he and Nugget in with her instead.

Ravi is adamant about moving forward even though Chelsea is apprehensive. Chelsea reveals to Whit that she is unsure whether she is prepared to live with Ravi, but her friend implores her to take a chance.

When Chelsea and Ravi declare that they would be moving in, Denise is appalled and tells him that her daughter will be able to tell when he is lying.

After learning about Emma’s homecoming, Ben loses his mind and forbids her from visiting Lexi. Later, Kathy advises Jay to prioritize Lexi’s sentiments because she cares deeply about her grandma.

When Emma reveals Jay the distressed letters Lexi has been sending her because Lexi didn’t want to bother her father any more, Jay is devastated. Jay pledges to discuss allowing Emma to visit Lexi with Ben.

Jean is worried when Stacey and Lily pretend that everything is ideal for the social worker. She makes an effort to persuade her daughter to be kinder to Lily and to give her room to make errors and grow.

Wednesday September 13 

Alfie’s thoughts are elsewhere. (Image: BBC)

By asking her and Ravi’s families to drinks at No. 1, Chelsea tries to calm things down. Jack implores Denise to stand by Chelsea and keep Ravi, her adversary, near, but after hearing Gina and Anna argue about Ravi’s drug activity, Denise becomes frantic and calls the police.

They arrive at the party, where there is a lot of tension, and Jack advises prudence.

The situation worsens as a fight breaks out, prompting Chelsea to accuse Denise of stealing Ravi’s laptop in secret before she rushes out.

Jay gives in to Emma’s requests for access to Lexi only grudgingly. Emma makes an impassioned commitment to never leave Lexi again, but Ben quickly dashes her aspirations.

Kat is upset with Phil when he shyly comes home since he remained out all night. During lunch, he swears to always be honest with her, but when a coy Emma walks by, he quickly leaves.

In order to marry Phil after Alfie disappoints the boys, Kat decides to schedule the registrar office, which has a cancellation for the next week. Keanu is upset after learning about the injunction from Lisa’s attorney.

Thursday September 14

Dorian, a boxing promoter, tells Sharon all about the job prospects and fantastic lifestyle in Abu Dhabi and how relocating there may give her a leg up in life.

Although dismissive, she appears interested.

Kat declares in the Vic that she and Phil will wed the next week.

Lily’s parenting is still being criticized by Stacey, so Jean reprimands her.

Lily receives harsh criticism from Stacey (Image: BBC).

Jean tells Stacey that Lily is now responsible for protecting Charli now that Theo has left, as she continues to explain why she is so guarded.

Stacey, however, discovers something terrible as she steps outdoors.

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