On a day off from work, the best friends and cast members of Coronation Street hang together.

The actors were taking up the sun in Manchester. Images from SplashNews.com

Jack P Shepherd, Ben Price, and Colson Smith from Coronation Street have been spotted taking a break from work to relax in the sunshine.

The actors who portray David Platt, Nick Tilsley, and Craig Tinker are shown relaxing in the sun, rehydrating, and conversing.

After being spotted in Manchester, the actors gather their stuff and leave, undoubtedly prepared to resume shooting for the ITV serial.

Best friends Jack, Ben, and Colson are also the hosts of a podcast called Sofa Cinema Club where they discuss a range of movies.

Corrie and Craig Tinker, who will be present to look into the body discovered on Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) and Ronnie’s (Vinta Morgan) construction site, are in for a hectic few months.

The podcast hosted by Colson, Ben, and Jack is incredibly popular (Image: SplashNews.com)

Leo Thompkins, who was killed by Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) in September, is whose body is found.

Additionally, recent scenes along a canal saw police and residents of Corrie assembling to see the removal of yet another horrible discovery. As viewers are aware, Stephen hid Teddy’s body in the canal where Tim (Joe Duttine) is pursuing shifty Stephen.

Stephen is about to go. (Image from ITV)

Stephen’s departure from the ITV serial is imminent as the clock is ticking.
As Todd Boyce has joined the cast of Mother Goose in a pantomime play at Derby Arena for his next part, it appears that the full truth won’t be exposed for much longer.

Whether Stephen will be murdered off is unknown, but given that Todd has recently been seen filming at an airport, many are speculating that the nasty businessman may flee once people learn that he is a serial murderer.

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