Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Dev fears losing everything because Aadi’s sex scandal might destroy him in Coronation Street.

Dev fears losing everything because Aadi’s sex scandal might destroy him in Coronation Street.

Dev is enraged. (Image from ITV)

Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) is still in danger of losing his job due to Aadi Alahan’s (Adam Hussain) ongoing covert relationship with Courtney Vance (Stephanie Davis) in Coronation Street.

This is so because Darren (Ryan Early), a fellow businessman who also happens to be Courtney’s husband, and Dev collaborate frequently.

Shortly after Aadi started serving as Courtney’s PA, they began dating. Aadi was first upset by the idea of driving Courtney to and from upscale events since he preferred to learn about the business world from Darren, but he is now delighted to spend time with her.

Darren schedules a lunch to commemorate closing the Frescho sale and asks that Aadi bring Amy (Elle Mulvaney) along.

When Dev refers to Aadi and Amy as a relationship later in the week, Aadi is eager to contradict him and claims that he is actually dating Monica.

Darren confides in Dev that he is experiencing issues with Courtney and is concerned that she is having an affair when Darren comes.

As the meal begins, Dev mentions that Aadi has a new girlfriend, prompting the teenager to call his new love interest attractive, humorous, and intellectual.

Aadi follows Courtney outside after they kiss while Dev and Darren are preoccupied.

But the time is cut short when Dev catches them and is shocked to see his kid engaged in a passionate embrace with the boss’ wife!

Courtney and Aadi are discovered (ITV picture)

I’m sorry!

Even if the risks are great, what will happen to Dev if Darren discovers what Aadi and Courtney have been up to?

Regarding Darren and Courtney, Ryan Early remarked, “I think he truly loves her.”

“I believe it to be a modern marriage; they had an affair and met that way.” Despite the fact that he was previously married, I think he honestly thought he had discovered his true love when he met Courtney. She is a match for him; she is fiery; they can fight; but more than anything, they make each other laugh.

According to him, the two of them make an incredible fit because they both desired to live the high life with him and also had business acumen. She is hardly a trophy wife, but she enjoys nicer things and is attractive and intelligent. It’s a match made in heaven for him.

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