Emmerdale announces a new Woolpack bartender, ushering in a new era for a community favorite.

Amelia begins a new job (ITV image)

Emmerdale fan favorite Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) has been struggling to cope on her own while her dad Dan (Liam Fox) is in jail for murdering nasty pervert Lloyd (Matt Sutton).

After one punch caused Lloyd to later die from a head wound, the entire hamlet gasped when Dan was given an 8-year prison term. Dan, who is not often aggressive, snapped in a fit of rage while trying to protect his kid.

Amelia is now living alone for the first time in her life as a result of his imprisonment. Even though she was putting on a brave face, managing things like council tax while caring for baby Esther was proving to be a much for her.

Noah (Jack Downham) expressed his worries to Chas (Lucy Pargeter), who offered a solution by inviting Amelia and Esther to come in with her and Eve (Bella James) at the Woolpack.

Chas assists Amelia (ITV image)

Amelia first turned down this offer because she believed she had to continue residing at Dale Head in order to make sure Dan’s house was ready for him when he was ultimately released from jail. But eventually the strain of having to manage alone became too much, so she decided to take Chas up on his offer.

We’ll watch her adjusting to her new home in forthcoming episodes. Additionally, she will take on a new position as she agrees to assist Chas behind the bar at the most renowned bar in the Dales in order to help pay her way.

Amelia will be a perfect guest for Chas if she adapts to pulling pints with the same ease as she did when she first started working at the salon. Amelia is a diligent worker who shows a lot of initiative, so Mandy (Lisa Riley) was pleased with how fast she adapted to working in the salon.

Additionally, she must be superior than Gail (Rachael Gill-Davis).

Her predecessors in the bar industry include Mandy Dingle, Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw), Dawn Taylor (Olivia Bromely), Moira Barton (Natalie J. Robb), and Natalie J. Robb. Will she eventually become a permanent presence there as well?

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