Spoilers for EastEnders: Lacey Turner tells what sets Stacey off during her confrontation with Lily

In a heated confrontation, Stacey snaps at Lily. (Image: Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron for the BBC)

It is understandable that Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), who has had a difficult year, would snap at her daughter Lily (Lillia Turner) in forthcoming EastEnders scenes.

Theo Hawthorne (William Ellis), Lily’s tutor, was the person making the threats, which the single mother, who has been battling with a stalker, only lately came to know.

Stacey feared for her safety as the truth was revealed in dramatic circumstances as Lily went into labor.

Stacey will continue to be on high alert in subsequent scenes, and Lily will take the brunt of her tension.

Actress Lacey Turner said, “She hasn’t had time to cope with any of her emotions toward the issue because she knows she needs to be strong for Lily.”

“I believe she is operating automatically.” Despite having Lily and the baby as her major responsibilities, she is suffering.

Stacey is humiliated when Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) confronts her at work after seeing Lily and Ricky Mitchell (Frankie Day) playing about with baby Charli.

She is already blaming herself for Theo’s predicament since she feels bad for introducing him to her family, according to Lacey.

In the photo, Jack chastises Stacey for Lily’s actions (source: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron).

“Jack’s outburst feeds into those fears because she wants to demonstrate her ability to maintain control, be accountable, and protect her family.”

All of the tension and angst from the previous week “comes to a head” and she finally loses it.

Jack’s charges disgust Stacey, who hurriedly carries Lily home.

After all that has transpired, Lacey continued by saying that her actions are a result of her feeling too protective of Lily.

Stacey, in my opinion, was always going to be involved with Lily and the child, but now that she’s hiding her worries about Theo, she’s even more overprotective than she would have been.

Stacey simply wants to ensure that Lily is receiving help since she recognizes how overwhelming it must all be. Since Lily is still her infant, she wants to do anything she can to prevent Lily from becoming overburdened.

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