Spoilers for EastEnders: Reiss is devastated by Karen’s harsh remarks regarding his infertility.

Karen’s remarks saddened Reiss. (Image: BBC)

Recent EastEnders scenes had Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) making derogatory remarks towards Reiss Colwell (Jonny Freeman), which upset him.

Karen overheard Reiss and his companion Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) discussing their dramatic visit to the fertility clinic the day before, and she immediately became interested in the rumors.

Assuming it was Sonia who was having difficulties becoming pregnant, she started telling a tale about how her aunty struggled before joking that all it takes for her to be “up the duff” is to gaze at a pair of y-fronts.

Reiss stated that he was indeed infertile, believing it would stop their discussion of Karen’s sex life and save them both from more disclosures.

But he wasn’t that fortunate.

This made Karen laugh so hard she started calling him names and laughing uncontrollably.

Sonia followed Reiss as he rushed out of the laundromat, evidently wounded.

It wasn’t long before his news had travelled all round the Square, due to Karen’s loud mouth, and it became the major topic of conversation at the Queen Vic.

Poor Reiss was quickly made fun of by Karen (Image: BBC).

Quickly after discovering poor Reiss sitting by himself and still distraught at becoming the talk of the town, Sonia offered him some consolation.

She promised to go and have a chat with everyone in the bar and was eager to point out that it was unfair for people to make jokes about men’s infertility because it is not a funny topic.

Reiss argued that it didn’t matter, despite the fact that he was still visibly disturbed by it, and questioned Sonia as to why she would want a kid with a “loser” like him.

Sonia told him that she would be content to spend her entire life with him and described him as the “sweetest, cleverest man” she had ever encountered.

Reiss said that he was eager to give Sonia the opportunity to become a mother once more and pledged that he would be able to demonstrate that he wasn’t joking.

Will his desire come true?

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