Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Spoilers for Emmerdale: Lydia is devastated as Sam and Samson approach her rapist Craig

Spoilers for Emmerdale: Lydia is devastated as Sam and Samson approach her rapist Craig

Samson and Sam are now having fun with Craig (ITV image).

After being raped, Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick), a beloved character in Emmerdale, encountered yet another difficulty when she observed Samson (Sam Hall) begin his first shift with Craig (Ben Addis), the assailant.

After the assault, Lydia has made an effort to remain composed and in control, but it hasn’t always been simple after such a terrifying experience.

She nearly made a mistake yesterday while working at Home Farm before deciding to set fire to the things she was wearing both before and after being raped.

In the episode airing today, September 7, Lydia made the decision to watch over Samson while he worked with Craig.

Samson is really interested in video games, which is what Craig’s profession entails. Lydia observed in her cleaning tabard, perplexed at how Craig was going about his day as if nothing had occurred as he toured him about and talked to him about the team meetings.

Samson was beaming broadly as he informed Sam about his day at home. Despite the fact that Sam and Samson have different interests, Sam thinks Craig is a fine man and was delighted to hear that his kid was having fun.

Before pushing himself on Lydia, Craig assured her he loved her (Image: ITV).

Lydia cut them off in their conversation by announcing that she was going to bed. In an effort to explain her alteration in behavior following the rape, Lydia has always claimed to be just exhausted and ill.

Lydia heard Sam and Samson praising Craig as she made her way up the stairs, utterly unconscious of the ghastly and horrifying reality, and all she could do was weep in silence.

“it’s significant because so many women do it and the ramifications for families and people may be vast,” Karen Blick explained Lydia’s decision to remain silent about what happened this week instead of calling the police.

“As soon as I acted out the incidents, I fully saw why she chose not to call the police.” I felt genuine pity, understanding, and empathy for her actions. She feels guilty, humiliated, and responsible since she believes that she caused the predicament to arise, all of which are unfounded feelings.

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