Spoilers for Emmerdale: Lydia’s significant struggle following her horrible rape experience

Lydia is experiencing a range of emotions. (Image from ITV)

In future Emmerdale episodes, Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick), who has decided to keep her rape experience a secret, is having difficulty.

When she went to turn in her resignation, Craig Reed, a former friend and employer, attacked her (Ben Addis). After visiting the last resting place of their son, Toby, Lydia and Craig had a moment of intimacy in the car, which made Lydia feel uneasy.

She concluded that the best course of action was to quit her job and stay away from Craig because she didn’t feel safe continuing to work with him. But when she informed him of her choice, he was devastated and told her that he believed fate—or Toby—had purposefully brought them back together.

It rapidly became apparent that Craig had feelings for Lydia that went well beyond anything she was comfortable with, and while Lydia attempted to decide how to handle the issue, Craig pushed himself on her.

He appeared unaware of her shock and sorrow after raping her, even insisting on taking her home after the incident as if it were very commonplace.

When Lydia returned to Wishing Well, she had already made up her mind to keep the incident a secret in order to protect Sam (James Hooton) and the rest of the family.

Karen Blick told us, “She feels terrible, she feels humiliated, she feels like it’s somehow her responsibility; she feels like she placed herself in that circumstance, which is entirely false.” She worries that others won’t believe her, and she also doesn’t want to anger her family. That is a major event.

According to statistics, 1 in 2 rapes of women are committed by the victim’s current or former boyfriend (Image: ITV).

Sam and Mandy (Lisa Riley) are present as Lydia returns to the Dingles in the aftermath. Considering others, she asks, “What will this do to Sam?” She simply wants it to disappear. “I’ll go on, I’m going to act like this hasn’t occurred, and I’ll carry on with my life.” I am able to thoroughly comprehend her choice.

As a result, Lydia struggles more and more as the days pass. She makes a valiant effort to go about her daily activities without mentioning the horrible, life-altering event that has occurred to her.

Craig and Lydia shared a children’s home upbringing (Image: ITV).

Karen Blick also said that since she needs to continue working for Craig to continue supporting Amelia (Daisy Cambell) and Esther financially, the shock is made worse.

When she sees him, “she’s retraumatized,” Karen added. She exhibits physical symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of her experiences. Seeing him again triggers memories, ideas, and emotions related to what transpired. She is now processing it. She is required to return to work almost daily. Observing the culprit, who denies it even occurred, and hearing her version of events, that is the location where it occurred.

As time passes and Lydia is ultimately able to get help, there will be some relief for her.
Emmerdale is taking their time with this, and Lydia’s problem won’t immediately disappear, Karen said.

There are long-term effects, but Lydia’s recovery should also be considered. She is a strong lady who, like many women, has endured a great deal in her life. How, with the aid and encouragement of whichever path she chooses, she manages to bring herself together after this.

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