Tyrone admits to a very weird addiction in Coronation Street spoilers

Ty, it’s not quite the same (Image from ITV)

On Thursday’s (September 7) episode of Coronation Street, Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) revealed to his mother and Abi Webster (Sally Carman) about a former addiction, however it wasn’t precisely the same as Cassie (Claire Sweeney) and Abi’s.

Yesterday, Cassie relapsed, and Tyrone had to deal with Cassie being transported to the hospital. The newcomer, who had been clean for a few weeks but was still addicted to narcotics, overdosed after buying some equipment from Dean, a dealer.

Cassie was moved when Abi showed up to provide some support after she was instructed to spend the night at the precinct apartment rather than Tyrone’s house.

Abi continued to assist Cassie tonight and suggested that she eat something, but she was suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms and wasn’t in the best of moods.

The next topic of discussion was the impending support group meeting. Tyrone agreed to accompany Cassie after learning that Abi would be attending and inviting her.

When Ty came to the meeting, which included talking about addiction, he joyfully helped himself to the tea and cake. However, he then unintentionally said that he used to be hooked to Battenberg and other sweets when he was younger.


Abi started the conversation by talking about the desire to score. She compared using narcotics to receiving frequent texts from an ex-boyfriend asking to meet up, saying that even if you know you shouldn’t, the temptation to see him again is strong.

After making an allusion to it at the meeting, Tyrone was intrigued and inquired about Cassie’s experiences when she was younger when they returned to the apartment.

When Cassie was 16, she allegedly started working as a prostitute.

Hearing this saddened Tyrone. All he could think about was how Cassie would never have ended up in that predicament if Evelyn (Maureen Lipman) had changed the way she reared Cassie and never cast her out.

Abi was present to encourage Cassie (ITV picture).

At Tyrone’s, a saddened and irate Evelyn admitted to her grandson that the worst things she had ever done were to urge Cassie to eat her veggies or move her elbows off the table since children in other countries couldn’t buy food. She insisted that Cassie would probably be lying if she revealed anything about her history.

Tyrone refused to support his Gran and suggested that she stay at the apartment for a time.

Actor Alan Halsall said, “Tyrone’s only hearing half of the tale, and of course Evelyn can be pretty guarded and closed off about things, so it’s hard to piece it together.”

‘If you think about all those years and years and years of what she was going through with Cassie, and she was still trying to assist her, and in some ways she’s trying to correct it all through Tyrone and the children, but Tyrone just can’t understand it yet.

He currently feels deceived by Evelyn. In terms of not understanding why, if she’s meant to love him, she would lie to him. He has trouble seeing it. Those falsehoods presumably entailed a lot of love and caused Evelyn a lot of suffering.

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