Amelia is surprised when she learns a secret about Sam in an Emmerdale spoiler video.

In forthcoming Emmerdale episodes, Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell), who learns a secret about Sam Dingle (James Hooton), is in for a pleasant surprise.

Sam discovered an old dolls house in a skip a few weeks ago and carried it home. Prior to baby Esther’s birthday, he told Lydia (Karen Blick) that he wanted to upcycle it.

Sam can be seen conversing with Lydia in this new video as he works on some accessories for the dollhouse.

Since Dan’s departure, Amelia has had a lot of support (Image: ITV).

When Amelia and Esther show up, they are interrupted. Sam wants to keep the dolls house hidden from the young mother, but Lydia thinks there isn’t much use hiding it now that Amelia and Esther are present.

Amelia is touched by the surprise and expresses her gratitude to Sam and Lydia for the recent financial assistance. In exchange, she gives Sam a box of cupcakes and expresses her gratitude for their support.

After accepting a position at Craig’s (Ben Addis) place of employment, Lydia is currently making extra money. Despite Sam’s assertion that Craig serves as Samson’s (Sam Hall) “top boss,” we are aware that Sam has an erroneous impression of Lydia’s childhood pal.

After running across her old buddy Craig, the adored heroine was sexually assaulted (Image: ITV).

Lydia’s life was drastically altered this week in Emmerdale when Craig sexually assaulted her. Lydia hasn’t been able to explain what happened to her family in the wake of the incident, and she hasn’t called the police yet.

A bag containing the clothes Lydia wore before and after being raped was carried by Lydia as she made her way to the woods in a terrifying sight.

She screamed as the flames scorched her clothing as she tipped them onto the ground and set them on fire.

After Dan’s (Liam Fox) shocking departure from the show, Amelia is depending on support from her family and friends in other places. He attacked Amelia’s stalker, who later perished as a result of the wounds received in the assault, and left.

Dan has now spent eight years in prison.

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