Coronation. Street spoiler. videos: Car crash, two injuries and cheaters caught

Videos of controversy and fear are available. (Image from ITV)

With an affair revealed, a terrible fall, and a car crash on Coronation Street’s upcoming episode, we already know there will be lots of drama. Now we have video snippets to preview the actual episodes.

What a delight, we’d exclaim. But for the impacted Corrie residents, especially Eliza Woodrow (Savannah Kunyo) and Paul Foreman (Peter Ash), it’s anything but.

At the beginning of the week, Eliza is treated very harshly by Stu Carpenter (Bill Fellows), who is telling her that her father doesn’t love her. This is not the ideal method to handle a child’s emotions.

Naturally, she storms off, but tragedy strikes as she steps in front of a moving vehicle.

Paul Foreman (Peter Ash), who is determined to live as independently as possible, has attempted to ignore his dreadful Motor Neurone Disease symptoms.

But he suffers a terrible fall close to the empty canal and is unable to right himself.

How long will he remain stuck before he is forced to seek for assistance?

Last but not least, Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) experiences the shock of his life when he sees his teenage son Aadi (Adam Hussain) engaging in intense physical activity with married 40-year-old Courtney (Stephanie Davis).

This leads to an extremely awkward conversation between a father and son.

Here are some videos that whet your thirst for drama.

11 September, Monday

To an upset Eliza, Stu cracks and expresses his genuine thoughts about Dom, accusing him of lying and that he doesn’t care about her.

Upset When Eliza gets out of the car, Stu apologizes for his behavior after Eliza defends her father by informing him that he has no idea what he is talking about. However, it is insufficient.

When Eliza rushes off in rage, a vehicle strikes her. While Stu attends to an injured Eliza, the driver takes off.

September 13th, Wednesday

Aadi is having a passionate moment with Courtney just after he boldly raved about his new love interest at a lunch gathering, almost naming her.

They quickly find themselves writhing in a clinch as she gasps incoherently that the danger is worth it.

However, their grins are quickly banished as a dazed Dev enters and witnesses them in the act.

Paul is calling Shelly and letting her know that he has a surprise in store for her. He is carrying documents to her, but he is having a difficult time moving about.

He grimaces as he struggles to go forward down the concrete before he abruptly falls to the ground, injuring himself and shattering records.

He feverishly struggles to stand up, but eventually admits that he is imprisoned and screams out for assistance.

However, nobody is in sight.

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