Coronation Street spoiler video reveals a sexual scandal as Dev experiences the shock of his life.

The shenanigans of Aadi Alahan (Adam Hussain) and married Courtney (Stephanie Davis), which were always going to result in difficulty and just add to the ick, are about to come to light.

In a recent Coronation Street spoiler clip, Dev (Jimmi Harkishin) walks in to find the couple almost eating each other’s faces. His face is a picture of horror.

Her husband Darren is unaware of the relationship, which has been going on for a while. Darren is also giving Dev some excellent business chances.

That will be on his mind constantly because if Darren finds out about the infidelity, it’s game over for that plan.

The final straw is when, while Darren is present at a business luncheon party, Aadi can’t help bragging about his brand-new, older girlfriend.

When they finally meet in the next room, Courtney says she loves the risk as she watches him compliment her.

As they both writhe, Dev enters and is appalled by what he sees.

Yeah, that’s an understandable reaction (Picture: ITV)

Game on! (Image from ITV)

He rips a strip off them and criticizes their actions, but he is adamant that nothing be revealed.

But things don’t go well because Darren’s realization hits him quickly.

Ryan Early, who plays the clueless businessman, also forewarned that retaliation is imminent.

He warned, “Don’t cross him and definitely don’t double cross him or he’ll find a way to get revenge!”

He is very intelligent, he is not new to the game, he has seen people come and go, and he has achieved success by refusing to be pushed around, undercut, or deceived by others. He’ll come after them if they are.

Darren doesn’t yet realize it, but he will soon! (Image from ITV)

Ryan broke the bad news to Aadi and explained what might be in store for the kid.

I don’t believe that Darren uses violence, but there are other ways to exact revenge. He can undoubtedly make it so that Aadi never makes any money from his firm in the north of England, and he can make life quite difficult for him.

“And Darren may be a big problem if Aadi is someone who is ambitious and wants to make his place in the world.”

He crossed someone who was at the height of his profession very early in his career, which was a terrible error.

Although Darren is not a psychopath, he is someone who is now very hurt. When he got a second chance, he felt like he had lost the love of his life, and he’s not sure he can recover from it.

Therefore, it is currently quite painful, and being in agony might cause someone to become irrational.

It’s time to look back, huh, Aadi?

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