Paul Foreman pleads for rescue following a terrible collision in Coronation Street.

Since receiving his diagnosis of Motor Neurone Disease for the role of Paul Foreman on Coronation Street, actor Peter Ash has been struggling to accept that he has a terminal illness.

Additionally, he has had to deal with symptoms that are getting worse and virtually daily he faces new difficulties.

And in a recent Corrie video clip, we watch him suffer a terrifying breakdown that leaves him stranded and helpless.

While the people he loves have done their best to help, Shelly (Natalie Amber), a woman he met at an MND support group, is someone who truly understands his position. Since Shelly has had MND for longer than Paul, she is better equipped than his well-intentioned family to offer Paul guidance and understanding.

Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) now has a source of money thanks to Shelly. Bernie recognized an opportunity after learning that Shelly had been using an old credit card to buy and sell laptops to pay her caregivers. She informed Shelly that Bernie would receive a share of the sales revenue from a friend she had on the market who could sell the computers.

Paul receives a letter offering him a meeting with a palliative care nurse in upcoming episodes. For Billy’s sake, he attempts to make light of it and decides to speak with Shelly. He is startled to see how unwell she has become when he finally meets her.

Billy suggests Paul try using a wheelchair because the next day he is having trouble walking. Paul declines.

Later, he discovers what Shelly has been up to when he red-handedly observes Bernie sorting out a shipment of electronic goods with Shelly’s address. In defense, Bernie claims that she was simply attempting to raise the funds for the specialized equipment he will soon require to help him with his impairment.

Paul recognizes that his mother is doing the best she can to avoid getting caught, but he worries that she might end up in jail and decides he wants to talk to Shelly to convince her to stop giving Bernie laptops.

He leaves to go to her apartment but collapses on a secluded street. After falling and tripping, he realizes that he will never be able to stand up again. All he can do is shout for assistance, but no one is in the area to hear him.

Will they locate him in time?

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