Spoilers for EastEnders: After learning she has cancer, terrified Kat returns to Alfie

Kat learns of Alfieā€™s news (Picture: BBC)

In upcoming EastEnders episodes, Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace) learns that Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) may have cancer, which makes her remember her previous affections for him.

After speaking with Phil (Steve McFadden), who indicated he’d be getting his prostate checked after his dad passed away following a prostate cancer diagnosis, Alfie ultimately made the decision to go to the hospital.

Before Kat finds out about her ex’s condition, she will learn that Alfie and Phil have been taking Tommy (Sonny Kendall) to the Boxing Den in an effort to calm down his volatile temper.

Kat rushes over to confront Phil after finding that Tommy attacked Alfie shortly after learning that Tommy mistakenly revealed the information regarding Alfie’s cancer concern.

When Phil says that Alfie should receive the cancer test results today, Kat is absolutely horrified and decides to put everything on hold in order to be with him at the hospital.

What does this mean for their relationship as Kat and Phil argue about his lying at home?

Kat has made it plain for a while that she prefers Phil to Alfie, but will her feelings be tested by the possibility of losing Alfie?

Together, Alfie and Phil visited the hospital (Image: BBC).

‘When we first embarked on this storyline, we knew it was crucial that we worked alongside Prostate Cancer UK and Macmillan Cancer Support to take on and accurately portray such an emotional and pivotal storyline for Alfie, and one that many viewers may relate to,’ said showrunner Chris Clenshaw.

“Shane has sensitively and sympathetically conveyed the realities of receiving a prostate cancer diagnosis.” We hope that the audience may relate to this plot and that we have accurately and sympathetically portrayed it.

‘It’s been a pleasure working with EastEnders on their prostate cancer plotline, and we salute the BBC for engaging Prostate Cancer UK to ensure the narrative is as true to real life as possible,’ said Amy Rylance, Head of Improving Care at Prostate Cancer UK.

Every man’s experience with prostate cancer is different, so it’s critical that viewers are provided with correct information on the condition.

It has been a delight to share information on Alfie Moon’s battle with prostate cancer and to make sure that the tale is portrayed honestly at every turn.

“Introducing Shane to one of our supporters who has prostate cancer offered him the chance to grasp what it’s like to experience the disease first hand,” says the organization.

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