EastEnders rumors: Jean is concerned about Stacey’s behavior with the infant of 13-year-old mother Lily.

Jean is anxious. (Image: BBC)

On this week’s episode of EastEnders, Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) begins to worry about Stacey (Lacey Turner).

After a terrible week involving Theo, her stalker (William Ellis), the adored character is attempting to cope.

Theo ultimately took Stacey captive as Lily (Lillia Turner) gave birth to baby Charli. After eventually escaping and denouncing Theo to the police, she thought the nightmare was over by the end of the week.

Stacey has undoubtedly been affected by the experience, but she’s determined to move past it this week so she can concentrate on Charli, the baby who has been keeping everyone at No. 31 up all night.

Stacey assumes control that morning, but Lily persuades her and Eve (Heather Peace) to leave for work so that she can take care of her daughter.

Stacey nods in agreement, but tragedy follows when Jack (Scott Maslen) observes Lily and Ricky (Frankie Day) making jokes with Charli.

Jack approaches Stacey and begins to accuse her. Shocked, Stacey drags Lily home.

Stacey and Lily discuss Lily’s parenting (Image: BBC).

Stacey and Lily act as though everything is fine during another meeting with the social worker, which worries Jean.

Later, she counsels Stacey to stop being so strict with Lily and to allow her make errors and learn from them, but Stace does not heed her advice and eventually starts criticizing Lily’s parenting skills.

When Jean reprimands Stacey, she is forced to justify her overzealous guarding.

Jean reminds Stacey that Lily should be the one to protect Charli now that Theo has left, but when Stacey goes outside, she discovers something terrible waiting for her.

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