EastEnders… spoilers: Emma returns and reveals a tragic secret about Lexi to Jay

Will Jay accept her story? (Image: BBC)

It is obvious that when Lola Pearce’s (Danielle Harold) mother Emma (Patsy Kensit) returns to EastEnders next week, she will cause issues for a number of people living in Walford.

We first encountered Emma during Lola’s final on-screen arc, in which she was eventually found to have a brain tumor and passed away. She attended her daughter’s funeral after explaining the circumstances that led to Lola being placed in foster care and creating problems for Jay (Jamie Borthwick).

In forthcoming episodes, Jay learns that Lexi (Isabella Brown), who Emma provided her phone number to before she left Albert Square, has been texting her grandmother.

Emma informs Jay that Lexi has been contacting her for weeks and that she is really concerned about her when she returns to Walford.

Although Callum (Tony Clay) advises listening to Emma for Lexi’s sake in case she is having trouble, Jay pushes Emma out.

He then finds out that Emma was, after all, telling the truth about Lexi messaging her.

Jay throws Emma out, but Callum (Tony Clay) says that it might be best to listen to her for Lexi’s sake, just in case she is struggling.

He then learns that Emma was being truthful about Lexi texting her after all.

Ben thinks Lexi and Emma shouldn’t interact (Image: BBC).

Jay reads the distressed messages from Lexi, who claims she contacted Emma in order to avoid upsetting her fathers any further. This week, Jay grudgingly gives in to Emma’s requests for access to Lexi. Emma makes an impassioned commitment to never leave Lexi again during their conversation, but Ben (Max Bowden) shows up and quickly dashes her hopes.

Will Ben and Jay understand that Lexi is the priority and should put her wants first when they argue once more?

Will Jay regret letting Emma see Lexi if she causes more trouble if he allows her to see her in the future?

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