Soap & Spoilers EastEnders When did Patsy Kensit leave the soap opera EastEnders and who did she portray there?

When did Patsy Kensit leave the soap opera EastEnders and who did she portray there?

Albert Square is welcoming a recognizable face back. (Image: BBC)

In upcoming episodes of EastEnders, Patsy Kensit’s reappearance as Emma Harding is expected to cause major disruptions.

After learning that her daughter had cancer, Lola Pearce’s (Danielle Harold) estranged mother, Emma, sparked controversy by returning to the soap opera earlier this year.

She brought about a lot of disruption in the lives of Lola and her daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown), much to the chagrin of Lola’s husband Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) and Lexi’s father Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden).

Emma is about to reenter all of their lives just as Lexi tries to resume some semblance of normalcy after losing her mother.

Many soap opera lovers might want a reminder of Emma’s debut and exit as we get ready for more chaos in the Square.

What you should know is as follows.

In EastEnders, Patsy Kensit portrayed who?

Earlier this year, Emma Harding made her debut on the soap opera (Image: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

As the estranged mother of Lola Pearce, Emma Harding, Patsy made her EastEnders debut in January.

In the days leading up to her daughter’s wedding to Jay, Billy (Perry Fenwick) and Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) found her and brought her onto the soap opera on January 25.

Billy reveals the shocking news that Dan Pearce (Paul Warren), Lola’s father, passed away ten years before in response to Emma’s concern about why he didn’t find her. However, he fails to tell her about Lola’s devastating brain tumor diagnosis.

Emma travels to Albert Square to see her granddaughter Lexi and make amends with Lola after learning she has one. She observes them from a distance since she is too shy to approach them.

She finds out about Lola’s brain tumor from a vlog and starts helping Lexi and Lola by defending Lexi from a school bully and giving Lola money secretly without them knowing who she really is.

After revealing her true identity to Billy in a heated exchange, Emma is left to explain the tragic reason she was absent from Lola’s life when she learns of Dan’s violent treatment of her, which included pouring boiling water over her.

Despite having doubts about her allegations, Lola hurries to find her and prevent her from leaving Walford again after seeing her burns and hearing Billy’s alleged mistreatment of her.

Following their reconciliation, the couple tries to spend as much time as they can together while also working to strengthen their relationship, which is shaken by the news that Lola has terminal cancer.

She left the soap when?

In such a short period of time, Emma and Lola’s relationship experienced ups and downs (Photo: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron).

Lola’s family, especially Emma, who had just returned to her life, were distraught when it was learned in March that she only had six months to live.

After hearing the news, Jay confronts Emma, pleading with her not to break Lola’s heart if she is unable to take both the news and the repercussions of her illness.

Following the conversation, Emma delivers a further shock to Lola by announcing that she has accepted a job offer in America and will be departing.

Before Lola’s terrible death in May, the two had never made up, and Lola is angry with her and tells her she never wants to see her again.

The last time viewers saw Emma was during Lola’s funeral, when she softly joined the service to honor her dear daughter.

The distraught mother attended Lola’s moving funeral. (Image: Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron for the BBC)

Patsy wrote a sincere thank you letter to her fellow cast members after her tenure on the soap opera.

We’re boarding a jet plane, she stated while uploading a selfie to Instagram. I’m not sure when I’ll return. utilizing the heat. It’s wonderful news that my serious chest infection, which I’ve been nursing since December, has been identified, and that I’m now taking the proper medications and will soon be able to resume my normal activities.

‘Cannot express enough gratitude to my incredible cast mates for the truly great experience I’ve had working on @bbceastenders and for being so caring and kind to me. Big thanks to the EE family, the BBC, the producers, authors, and crew.

“Costume makeup AD’s Ang at the help desk.. the amazing @jamie_b10 and the incredible @danielle_harold for making me laugh so hard every day.” I cherish you both. @theemmabarton There are so many people. A brand-new journey begins.P.S. Don’t forget the world’s top agent, @celebagentsuk. Sue and David Hahn I cherish you both.

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