Ahead of the Christmas murder, Brian Conley abruptly leaves his role as Rocky on EastEnders.

Apparently, the actor “wanted out for a time.” (Image: Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron for the BBC)

Ahead of the major Christmas murder, Brian Conley has reportedly abruptly left his Rocky role on the BBC serial opera EastEnders.

Two and a half years after making his debut, the actor allegedly “wanted out for a bit.”

Insider: “Brian was a terrific signing and has been a tremendous hit with fans.”

However, he appears to no longer be enjoying himself on EastEnders and has been openly expressing his desire to leave to numerous coworkers and television pals for some time.

“It’s all come to a head, and at the National TV Awards last week, he was fairly upfront with co-stars and friends about his leave,” they said to The Sun.

The soap opera allegedly “had so many preparations” for his character Rocky, and it has been suggested that the 62-year-old’s departure may have an impact on the planned murder, which is scheduled to be disclosed at Christmas.

Before his true identity was made known, Tom “Rocky” Cotton was first introduced in 2021 as Terry Cant (Image: BBC/PA).

According to reports, even though the BBC wanted Brian to stay on the show, he decided not to, leaving the broadcaster’s executives “furious.”

According to the insider, “He has messed up their plans a lot in private.”

They will have to revise their plot plans to account for his swift escape since, whatever has riled him up, it feels like he can’t get out of there fast enough.

Since it was discovered that a dead corpse was lying next to the Vic’s Christmas tree, EastEnders fans already know that a murder is about to come to light in this year’s holiday episode.

The insider speculated that the BBC would change the identity of the victim of the Christmas murder as a result of Brian’s departure.

However, it wasn’t always intended to be thus, they claimed. “There was always a plan for a major death around Christmas.”

Rocky is the uncle of Dotty Cotton (Picture: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

“Shifting things around makes sense if Brian wants out.” Before they begin filming the Christmas narratives, there is still time to complete that.

However, several viewers who were upset to hear that Brian was departing the soap opera stated their desire for his exit to be treated separately in the script.

One user on X (previously Twitter) wrote, “I hope this doesn’t disrupt the Christmas death because if it does it’ll be a terrible pity, I just hope they create a separate exit.”

When asked by for comment, the BBC stated: “There are many rumors and ideas circulating regarding whose body is under the Christmas tree, but we will not be commenting on any speculation to avoid spoiling the drama for the audience.”

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