Spoilers for Emmerdale: Craig corners a terrified Lydia as she accuses him of being a rapist

Lydia does something. (Image from ITV)

Craig (Ben Addis), the perpetrator of the rape, left Lydia (Karen Blick) completely devastated. Since the day he violated her trust in Emmerdale in the most heinous way, she has been unable to function normally, which has put a strain on her relationship with both her husband and her stepson.

She had to watch as Sam (James Hooton) and Samson (Sam Hall) got closer to her ex-boyfriend, so Lydia told Samson to keep away from Craig in an effort to put some distance between them. However, she keeps the horror to herself even as her marriage begins to fall apart as she maintains her secrecy.

Lydia tried to call the police, but she couldn’t bring herself to tell everyone that she had been raped. Before departing for Ireland, Sam tries to make things right with her, but she doesn’t respond, giving him the impression that she is ignoring him while in reality she is just trying to keep it together.

Craig, a master manipulator, discovers a fresh approach to reach Lydia by using Samson. He leads Samson to the bar where he confronts Samson with inquiries regarding Lydia and Sam’s romance.

He has made previous improper comments like implying that he was especially glad that she of all people had given birth to his son, showing that he has definitely fooled himself into thinking there is anything between him and Lydia. Unaware Samson is more than willing to gratify the man he admires, but Lydia loses it when she sees them together.

Mandy recognizes a problem (ITV image)

Samson is sent home, embarrassed, and Craig is left unsettled. Samson, who is fully unaware of the truth, is not in the least bit pleased about Lydia getting in the way of his future. Mandy notes Lydia’s peculiar behavior and realizes there is a problem.

But when Craig turns up while Lydia is cleaning the office by herself later, she is in for a further hardship. She is pushed too far this time as he corners her. He keeps saying he did nothing wrong, so Lydia musters the strength to call him what he is: a rapist. However, how will he respond?

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