Inside Rosie Bentham’s family life in Emmerdale, from her late father to her lover

Since 2016, Rosie has played Gabby (Images via Instagram/Rosie Bentham/Getty).

Rosie Bentham is most known for her role as the man-eater Gabby Thomas in the Emmerdale soap opera, but outside of that role, she is quite different.

Her on-screen persona has been dealing with a lot lately as her fiance Nicky Milligan (Lewis Cope) dumped her on the morning of their wedding because he is gay.

She then learned that Nicky was just with her as part of Caleb’s (William Ash) scheme to eliminate Kim Tate (Claire King), and she was left heartbroken, vowing to exact revenge.

Additionally, Gabby has blackmailed Billy Fletcher (Jay Kontzle) after accidently hitting him with a punch intended for Nicky. Dawn (Olivia Bromley), who discovered the truth, has scarcely spoken to her since.

Who is Rosie dating now, and how is her life going away from the drama of Emmerdale?

Let’s investigate.

Rosie Bentham is dating?

The mystery man Rosie, 22, is believed to be dating right now is someone she describes as “a normal person.”

When asked about the mysterious man, Rosie said: “I would say that I’m getting to know someone at the moment but I’m very secretive when it comes to my personal life.” Recently, Rosie uploaded photos of herself on vacation in Kos, Greece.

We’re simply going carefully because I’m only 22 and things may go wrong quite rapidly at my age. We’re all getting our bearings.

You should always maintain your boundaries when meeting new individuals because you can never be sure of their genuine motivations.

Rosie and Emmerdale co-star Daisy Campbell traveled to Ibiza earlier this year. (Image credit: Daisy Campbell/Rosie Bentham via Instagram)

I’ve never dated somebody famous, and I’ve always been quite selective when it comes to love, she continued.

The man I’m getting to know is only an ordinary man,

Rosie added that she finds it amusing when people mistake her for Gabby in real life because the two are so dissimilar.

She is adventurous and outgoing, although I am not at all like that. On a night out, I’m always quite well-behaved.

Along with Daisy Campbell, who portrays Amelia Spencer in Emmerdale, they recently traveled to Croatia after previously going to Paris and Ibiza this year. However, the trip to Ibiza didn’t go as planned when the two were robbed.

The celebrities had to buy new phones after having theirs stolen (Image via Instagram/Daisy Campbell)

Daisy sent an update on her Instagram profile informing followers that she and Rosie had been absent for a while. We would experience having all of our things stolen on the second night and going the majority of the holiday without any phones.

We, however, “lived in the moment” before eventually purchasing new phones.

Whose father was Rosie Bentham?

Tragically, a week before Rosie turned 18, her father John passed away unexpectedly two years ago.

Just a few days before turning 18, Rosie lost her devoted father. (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage) “It was such a great shock,” she remarked to The Daily Mirror on Father’s Day.

He hadn’t been sick before, so when I learned while on a weekend getaway, I simply couldn’t believe it.

I became upset because I was baffled by what had transpired and why. I recall saying, “No, no, no.”

Her father served as the University of Nottingham’s chaplain.

Grief progresses through various stages. I first felt stunned, then angry, and then I started attempting to recall the last time I had seen him and what I had said.

This is the reason why I always end our calls with “I love you” when I contact my mother.

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