Soap & Spoilers Coronation Street Secrets are uncovered, unpleasant talks occur, and Stephen is in for a surprise.

Secrets are uncovered, unpleasant talks occur, and Stephen is in for a surprise.

This week on Corrie, secrets are revealed (Image: ITV).

Next week on Coronation Street, there will be shocking revelations and dark secrets.

When a body is discovered, Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) life comes crashing down, while Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) may be about to be caught as he continues to send personal recordings.

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On Monday, September 18th,

Summer gives Billy and Paul a Polaroid camera for their stag do and informs them that phones are not permitted. Paul is overjoyed. Billy is taken away by all the glitter and rainbows when they arrive at the cafe, but Paul likes it.

Gemma organizes the drinking games, and Billy begins to unwind.

Meanwhile, the police phone No.7 and ask Bernie to answer some questions about a possible fraud probe involving Shelly Rothington.

Bernie claims at the station that she is only assisting a young woman with MND by collecting a few parcels for her. However, the cops have a shocking news for Bernie that has Paul reeling.

When Neil, their site manager, advises betting on when the digger will arrive, Ed is stumped. The lads congregate at the Rovers to watch the game. Ed is tempted when Neil offers they have a bet.

Aadi advises to Courtney that she pay her own way. (Image courtesy of ITV)

Aadi offers to Courtney that she contribute to the household bills at Dev’s request. Courtney is deceptive.

While Todd is getting ready for work, George makes snide remarks about RestEasy. Todd puts on a brave front when Troy informs him that he’s promised a client a service that they won’t be able to provide and that he’d like him to break the terrible news.

Ryan receives an O-Vidz subscriber’s message asking to pay extra for a live video.

Wednesday September 20

Carla berates Ryan (Picture: ITV)

Ed apologizes to Neil for snapping at him and confesses that he was a gambling addict in the past. Dee-Dee asks Ronnie to sign some paperwork in the solicitors’ office and points out that he’s taking a risk by commencing work on the site before the acquisition is completed.

Meanwhile, Ed realizes the digger driver appears distressed and rushes over. When Ronnie arrives at the construction site, he sees Ed conversing with a uniformed Craig. Ronnie looks down into the hole where the digger has discovered a dead body!

Carla tells a hesitant Ryan that his first shift at Underworld is approaching. Ryan begins packing, but when he receives a message on his O-Vidz from a guy asking for a personal film, he dashes to the restroom to send some naked photos.

Ryan makes a decision after receiving a message stating that just a live video will suffice and that they will pay £500.

Paul, having confided in Todd, begs him to keep his assisted suicide plan a secret. Mary encourages Todd to speak with George when he concedes that RestEasy isn’t for him. Todd goes to George to ask for his former job back.

As Steve berates Tim for his lack of fitness, Tim exacts his vengeance by leaving his phone unattended. As they return from Paris, Stephen and Jenny are in love.

Friday September 22

Jenny asks Stephen to move in (Picture ITV)

A couple in love Jenny suggests that Stephen move into the pub. Stephen comes to work full of enthusiasm, but his mood quickly changes when he learns that a body has been discovered on Ed and Ronnie’s construction site.

Stephen pretends to have a migraine to hide his inner distress. Stephen returns to the pub and presses Ed for additional information.

Stephen’s heart sinks when Ed reveals that it was indeed a man’s body. A uniformed Craig arrives at the tavern and informs Jenny that the body is that of Leo. Jenny is taken aback; is Stephen’s game over?

As Peter wonders what Ryan will do for money, Ryan assures him that his workout videos are finally paying off.

Daisy confronts Ryan (Image: ITV).

With the stakes raised, a terrified Ryan agrees to a phone call in which he talks nasty to the guy who messaged him.

After overhearing, Peter informs Carla that it’s no surprise Ryan spends so much time in his room because he overheard him having phone sex. Daisy sits there, uneasy, before facing Ryan and asking what’s going on.

Dee-Dee informs the group that the investor has withdrawn from the construction project.

Ronnie believes they should cut their losses, but Ed insists it’s too late. Ed watches the horse racing alone, his adrenaline soaring.

Todd and George’s relationship is strained as it becomes evident that Lee is not cut out for the job, but neither wants to admit it.

Paul discusses Shelly’s burial plans with George, explaining that he’s written some remarks about her that he’d like to be placed with her body.

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