Stephen has left! The stars of Coronation Street gathered to bid farewell to actor Todd Boyce.

Todd Boyce is being farewelled by his fellow cast members (Photo: Splash News).

It’s time to say farewell to Coronation Street’s Todd Boyce, and while fans may be pleased to see serial killer Stephen Reid receive his comeuppance, it’s a sad time for the Corrie cast as they say goodbye to their much-loved co-star.

Todd celebrated his departure with a night out with friends and colleagues after just over a year back on the program.

With the controversial character due to exit in a highly dramatic October storyline to coincide with ITV’s Super Soap Week, the program faces a double-edged sword.

His buddies, however, were not about to let him go without a party, as they were recently sighted together.

And the players delivered admirably, with even the rarely seen in public Helen Worth (the renowned Gail Platt) attending.

Todd gave cameras a thumbs up as he clearly enjoying his night out, and actors in attendance included Jack P Shepherd (David Platt), Tina O’Brien (Sarah Platt), and Paula Wilcox (Elaine Jones), all of whom have played pivotal roles in the explosive subplot.

Mollie Gallagher (Nina Lucas), Julia Goulding (Shona Platt), and Colson Smith (Craig Tinker) were among those who joined the gang.

It appears to be a fantastic night out! (Image courtesy of Splash News)
Attendees included Paula Wilcox and Helen Worth (Photo: Splash News).

Arriving during the day, everyone was still having a good time as night fell, evidently fond of Todd and a fantastic night out.

Stephen is having a far more difficult time, as his numerous killings are finally revealed.

In the coming weeks, the remains of Leo’s body will be discovered on the newly bought building site owned by Ed (Trevor Michael Georges) and Ronnie (Vinta Morgan).

Scenes have also been shot at a canal, with police and Corrie residents gathered to witness another tragic discovery. It occurs as Tim pursues shady Stephen to the canal, where viewers know he hid Teddy’s body.

‘We’ll see him start taking risks,’ Todd Boyce said. ‘As he becomes increasingly desperate, his life begins to crumble, and it will be intriguing to see how he handles the pressure.’

‘He is bound to make blunders, which could be his undoing.’
Todd was also seen filming at an airport, but will Stephen make his escape and avoid justice – or will he be apprehended?

And may another life be lost in the midst of the chaos?

After murdering Leo Thompkins, the figure assumed the role of Weatherfield villain last September.

Stephen has since murdered Leo’s father Teddy and a businessman named Rufus.

In other atrocities, he planned to poison his wife Elaine and to drive Carla insane by regularly drugging her with LSD.

That’s a lot of material to deal with, and fans should anticipate it all to play out over the next few months.

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