After Brian Conley’s departure, an EastEnders writer responds to accusations of “urgent rewrites.”

Sharon Marshall at the TRIC Awards 2020 - Red Carpet Arrivals
Sharon Marshall is done talking. Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images provided the image.

Assertions that tales are being changed to account for the departure of Rocky Cotton actor Brian Conley have been refuted by EastEnders writer Sharon Marshall.

Although Brian was quick to dispel the rumors and clarify that his leave had been cleared some months ago and that he was departing on good terms with everyone, it was initially claimed that he had abruptly departed the show following a dispute with the executives.

This was also verified by Sharon, who said that Brian was well-liked by the BBC soap opera cast and staff and that his exit had already been planned, while speaking on This Morning.

He informed us months ago, she said. We also adore him. He was only scheduled to remain with us for three months, but because we didn’t want to let him go, he ended up staying with us for [two] years.

“He is immensely adored by everyone in that building, and he leaves with our approval and support.

There are no last-minute revisions; everything is finalized. However, I won’t tell you how he operates because everything is a big mystery.

Rocky’s leave is expected to be “positive,” according to actor Brian, who earlier this week denied having a feud with the studio on Instagram.

“I went with the Beeb’s approval, and I’m eager to see where the future will take us.” Rocky’s departure also excites me because I know it’s for the best.

Many have speculated about Rocky’s possible exit from Albert Square, with some speculating that it may be connected to the massive fire that is anticipated to destroy the café this autumn or the significant Christmas murder hinted at in the flashforward episode from February.

Given that Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth), who runs the café, is a key player in the Christmas murder and is one of The Six, Rocky is connected to both of these plots through their friendship.

Could Rocky suffer a sad death as a result of his departure?

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