Could Ravi Gulati depart from EastEnders as Albert Square locals hunt for the murderer?

When will Ravi leave Albert Square? (Image: Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron for the BBC)

By killing his “dad,” Ranveer Gulati, and making Suki Panesar (Balvinder Sopal) believe she was at fault, villain Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) has so far gotten away with murder on EastEnders.

Suki retaliated in self-defense by striking Ranveer in the head when Ravneer attacked her.

When Suki left, it turned out that Ranveer was still alive, so Ravi killed him after agreeing to dispose of the body.

But now Denise Fox (Diane Parish), furious because Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) allowed Ravi to come in, has his laptop in her possession.

Denise initially gave in to Ravi’s charms, but she eventually realized he was simply interested in finding out if her husband Jack Branning (Scott Maslen) was looking into him.

The unfiltered, horrifying video evidence that Ravi killed Ranveer is in addition to his shady business practices, so she’s about to discover more on the laptop than she bargained for.

Therefore, is this the end of the road for him?

Ravi might quit EastEnders.

It is believed that Ravi won’t be leaving Albert Square anytime soon.

However, killers frequently receive justice in EastEnders, and there are certainly several opportunities for him to do so in the near future thanks to a significant fire and a widely reported Christmas murder.

Chelsea and Ravi decided to make another go of things – much to Denise’s horror (Picture: BBC)

As a result of a devastating fire that is expected to blast through Walford this fall, Ravi may be one of many lives that are on the line in EastEnders.

The historic Albert Square location will be completely destroyed by the fire, which will also reportedly cause damage to the launderette.

However, fans can anticipate plenty of drama as the plot develops on screen and the residents of Walford deal with the aftermath of the incident. “Bosses are being tight-lipped about who’s behind the attack and who is left fighting for their life,” the statement reads. A source told The Sun that.

Since the actress has already acknowledged that she has been fired from the program, some viewers are persuaded that Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley) will perish in the blaze.

But may Ravi too perish in the fire?

The Christmas murder is another.
This Christmas, one EastEnders character will die on the Queen Vic floor with six of Walford’s most recognizable women encircling the body.

Ravi has undoubtedly attracted enough foes to become a target, and now that Denise has proof he’s a murderer, isn’t his freedom in jeopardy?

Actor Aaron provided Digital Spy with an explanation of why he believes his evil character is the murder victim on Christmas Day.

He informed the publication that Ravi’s name frequently appeared in flashforward hypotheses and that this made sense because of the crazy things he had been up to. That is the case, and I can see why.

“I believe he is not much liked on the Square, but he might not care about it,” I said. He acts quite hastily.

It’s intriguing because he is impetuous yet calculating, and he has no difficulty wreaking some chaos. I can understand why viewers would want to categorize him under that. Also connected to The Six are the women are he. However, I have no idea who it is.

Time will only tell…

On BBC One tonight at 7.30 p.m., EastEnders resumes.

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