Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Following Jane Hudson’s departure, ITV begins its search for a new Emmerdale leader.

Following Jane Hudson’s departure, ITV begins its search for a new Emmerdale leader.

Emmerdale is looking for a new boss (Image: ITV).

Following the announcement that showrunner Jane Hudson is leaving, Emmerdale is looking for a new executive producer.

The job advertisement for Jane is now up on the ITV Careers website, which means that anyone can apply for it.

However, your hopes of running the show at the Dales may be dashed because ITV is looking for someone with very specific experience to fill the position.

In addition to having a “outstanding track record in delivering editorially and commercially successful Continuing Dramas at Producer level,” the job posting states that the successful candidate will “have a vital role in leading the progression of our soaps strategically, editorially, commercially and financially.”

If this sounds like you and you want to apply, you can view the job description here. However, you must act quickly because the application deadline is on Monday, September 25.

After watching through the episodes for this year’s much awaited Super Soap Week, Jane Hudson will depart Emmerdale on September 22.

After learning of her departure, Jane commented, “I’ve had a lovely time at Emmerdale and feel extremely lucky to have spent the last five years working with such a hardworking and creative crew.”

Later this month, Jane Hudson is expected to depart (ITV photo)

Especially during the epidemic, when we all banded together to ensure that we never went off air, I’m incredibly pleased of what we’ve accomplished both on and off screen.

I can’t wait to spend weekends with my real family again, as difficult as it is to say goodbye to my fictitious village family.

I’m most excited to watch Emmerdale again since I never know what will happen.

Jane, who has worked on Coronation Street, Midsomer Murders, Waterloo Road, and Casualty in the past, has been in charge of some significant storylines while at Emmerdale.

These have included the acclaimed coming-out narrative of Arthur Thomas, Paddy Kirk’s struggle with mental illness and devastating attempt at suicide, and the Meena Jutla plot, in which the character went on a two-year murder spree.

“We are all grateful to Jane for her unwavering commitment to and love of Emmerdale,” John Whiston, managing director for ongoing drama, stated.

“During her tenure as showrunner, the show has become stronger than ever, pushing the limits of ongoing drama to a new level with compelling narratives, jaw-dropping stunts, and profoundly moving human drama.

She has also added interesting new characters and families, positioning the show for future success.

“Everyone who loves the show praises Kate for what she has brought to Emmerdale over these last five years and for leaving the show in such strong shape with creative and compelling stories on the horizon well into 2024,” reads a statement from the show’s producers.

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