Spoilers for Coronation Street: Teen Aadi lashes out after his affair with married Courtney, 40, is revealed to her husband.

The truth has now been revealed (Image: ITV).

If you want a touch of drama with your wonderful lunch, the cafe on Coronation Street is the place to go.

Dev (Jimmi Harkishin)’s lunch date with Darren Vance (Ryan Early) went about as well as we expected – considering secret loves Courtney (Stephanie Davis) and Aadi (Adam Hussain) were both present – on Wednesday’s (September 13) episode.

The supper was meant to commemorate Dev and Darren starting a business together, so Aadi was invited because he’d helped get the deal done. Amy (Elle Mulvaney) arrived as Aadi’s plus one, which meant that there was another person at the table who was aware of what was going on between Courtney and Aadi and could squirm on the viewer’s behalf at important occasions.

Aadi had grown irritated when Dev referred to Amy as if she were his girlfriend before to the supper, so he assumed he already had a girlfriend named Monica. Dev mentioned Monica at the lunch table, and Courtney told Aadi she was eager to learn more about her.

Aadi began praising his gorgeous, intellectual fiancĂ©e, and Courtney realized his remarks were meant at her. This sparked her interest, and she was soon on her way to the bistro’s restroom, messaging Aadi to join her.

Dev caught them there, transfixed to one other’s faces. Speaking of faces, Dev’s first thought was that Darren would rearrange Aadi’s if he knew he was toying with his wife.

Back at the dinner, tensions rose as Darren announced to the remaining guests that he suspected his wife of having an affair and was determined to find out with whom.

When Courtney returned to the table, she admitted to having an affair. ‘Makes us even,’ she snarled at Darren, who hasn’t exactly been a model of faithfulness himself.

Dev was shocked to witness Aadi kissing Courtney (ITV).

Courtney was feeling daring, and she stated that the person she was seeing was ‘hiding in plain sight.’ Darren’s wife had an additional hint when he grew intoxicated and threatened to ‘pulverise’ whoever it was. ‘He’s got amazing hair,’ she remarked as she flounced out the door.

Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove) had been suspecting that Dev’s interest in Courtney was more than just friendly, and when she saw Dev’s amazing head of hair, she realized it was more than just friendly. Darren was already one step ahead of her, lunging at Dev.

With his father’s face on the line, Aadi had no choice but to come out and confess that he, not Dev, is Courtney’s hidden lover.

Darren was so taken aback that he didn’t even consider pounding him, instead muttering that he would spend the rest of his life stacking shelves for his grandfather.

Back at home, Aadi was putting on a brave face, telling Dev that he thought he was in love with Courtney and that he would talk to Darren about it. Dev, who was older, wiser, and far more experienced in tumultuous relationships, didn’t believe it would be so simple. He lamented how his kid had managed to ruin his life and a business venture that could have made everyone’s lives easier.

Courtney then appeared. She’d hurried to her young boyfriend’s place after Darren had tossed her out.

Even after Aadi offered to give up his own bed for her, Dev said she couldn’t stay with them. He told her she had to leave.

‘If she isn’t welcome here, I am not,’ Aadi remarked, forcing his father to choose between his business objectives and his son. ‘I’ll tell you what, Dad: if she goes, I go!’ Once and for all!

‘Will you support your kid and his girlfriend or your good friend?’

Dev couldn’t deal with either the decision or the situation, so he left his residence. He’ll have to walk back in at some point, but will he be prepared to confront Aadi?

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