Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Spoilers for Emmerdale: Shocking failure, severe plot, and horrified Lydia

Spoilers for Emmerdale: Shocking failure, severe plot, and horrified Lydia

The Dales: agony and revelation (Image from ITV)

As our brand-new episode guide uncovers all the juicy secrets, there will be a catastrophe in Emmerdale the next week.

We have forewarned you!

Victoria Barton (Isabel Hodgins) commits a potentially fatal error that almost results in the death of Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) and then loses her beloved job as Leyla Harding (Roxy Shahidi) wants retribution.

Poor Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) is still in pain and unable to communicate with bewildered Sam (James Hooton) when he leaves the community on a trip.

And as shady Craig tightens his hold on her life, she finally loses it and exposes him for the rapist that he is.

Monday September 18

Fear when an allergic reaction strikes Jacob (Image from ITV)

Victoria accidentally informs Jacob at a tasting event that a slider is nut-free, which causes an allergic reaction.

An Auto Adrenaline Injector is desperately sought for, and when Jacob manages to hint that he has one in his car, Victoria scrambles to get it. Jacob dwindles as Leyla battles.

Victoria looks everywhere in Jacob’s car in an effort to discover the pen. David rushes to the hospital as soon as he learns about Jacob’s adverse response.

When Cathy discloses her new strategy for treating Amelia’s PMDD symptoms, she leaves her speechless.

Before leaving for Ireland, Sam tries one more time to make things right with Lydia, but she is unable to respond. He thinks she is pushing him away while she hides her sadness.

Tuesday September 19

Cathy makes out with Samson. (Image from ITV)

Victoria’s error has incensed Leyla, who will shortly seek retribution. Later, Victoria apologizes to Gabby, costing HOP potential customers.

Victoria’s continued presence horrifies Leyla, who threatens to destroy her company. After Victoria is fired by Gabby, she is crushed.

Craig keeps asking Samson questions regarding Lydia’s relationship with Sam in an effort to raise the tension in the Dingle household.

Craig feels uncomfortable as Lydia snaps and angrily orders her embarrassed stepson home after finding Samson and Craig in the Woolpack.

Wendy agrees to return to the B&B after they get back in touch.

Samson’s flirtatious teasing wins Cathy over, making her heart soar.

Wednesday September 20

Lydia is frightened (ITV image).

Despite Mandy’s growing concern that Lydia may be ill, Samson chastises Lydia once more for advising him to avoid Craig.

Later, as Lydia is cleaning at the workplace, Craig shows up, terrifying her. Lydia accuses him of rape after he drove her to breaking point with his assurance that he did nothing wrong.

Gail gets away from Ryan after a romantic supper so she can covertly investigate an enigmatic phone call.

Cathy is happy to confirm her evening meeting with Samson.

ThursdaySeptember 21

Gail encounters a woman who is in need. (Image from ITV)

Gail calls from an unknown number.

Gail is startled when she hears some horrible news about someone by the name of Oscar after meeting a desperate woman named Sophie in the allotment.

Hearing that Gabby has taken HOP off the market makes Kim happy and proud.

Friday September 22

Sam and Lydia’s connection worries Mandy (Image: ITV).

Mandy fears Lydia may be considering leaving Sam.

Chloe questions Mack’s commitment to their relationship.

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