Before Victoria Barton leaves Emmerdale, David Metcalfe reveals a new plan for her.

Below are Emmerdale spoilers.

Prior to leaving Emmerdale, David Metcalfe has devised a fresh strategy to win over Victoria Barton.

Following some legal and financial problems, the former couple parted ways months ago, leaving David feeling lost and lonely lately.

In the episode that aired on Friday, September 15, Jacob urged Victoria to enjoy a date she had planned with a former classmate, but Vic was more worried about the upcoming Hide presentation.

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Victoria was also encouraged by David, who assured her that her appearance would “knock [her date’s] socks off.” As Victoria left for her big night, he let out a longing sigh.

Her date was more interested in posing for pictures for his social media accounts than getting to know her again, so the evening didn’t quite go as planned.

Suzy Merton interrupted the date to inquire whether Victoria ought to be chugging drinks the next day when preparing for such a sizable presentation.

Victoria claimed that she was prepared before leaving her date even though all he wanted to do was take more selfies. She reported that the date had been “pants” when she got home.

He is actually still physically fit, but Victoria claimed that he is boring and overly involved in his social media posts.

When Victoria moaned that “dating is crap” and she couldn’t be bothered with it, David was a secretly relieved.

“I ought to have stayed here with you…” Victoria informed David, “It would have been a much nicer time.

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Later, in a conversation with Jacob at his house, David excitedly admitted that he thought he had finally figured out how to get Victoria back. Will Victoria genuinely be persuaded by him, though?

Matthew Wolfenden, a cast member who has played David Metcalfe for 17 years, recently made the announcement that he would shortly be departing the serial opera.

It feels like the appropriate time, he said of his departure to This Morning. They agreed not to kill me off, thus the door is left open. I have the right to tell you that.

So who knows, we’ll have to wait and see whether I return.

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