In. response. to cast. panto ban allegations, EastEnders before. its 40th anniversary

Ahead of the soap opera’s 40th anniversary, EastEnders bosses have replied to rumors that cast members will not be allowed to perform in pantomimes in 2019.

The Sun stated on Friday, September 15, that because the holiday plays overlapped with EastEnders’ 40th anniversary filming, show executives “banned the actors from starring in lucrative pantomime parts next year.”

The request for no pantomime, according to the publication, was the cause of actor Brian Conley’s departure from the show earlier this week.

EastEnders responded to a request for comment from by clarifying earlier media accounts.

In a statement, they said: “EastEnders cast members participate in panto every year, but as we approach our milestone 40th anniversary, all cast members have been invited to be engaged for plot purposes – we’ve got no objections, in fact everyone has been supportive of the concept.”

An EastEnders spokeswoman responded to suggestions that the pantomime ban was related to Conley’s departure by saying, “As Brian Conley earlier in the week, EastEnders are completely supportive of Brian’s decision to leave at the end of his contract, and we wish him the very best for the future.”

acknowledges that the cast is fully aware that appearances in a pantomime would not be permitted in 2024 and that the same request is always made in advance of any impending anniversaries.

Conley addressed his departure from EastEnders on Monday (September 12) in a video posted to Instagram.

The actor denied rumors that he had left because of a conflict with his superiors by stating that he made the decision to depart “for numerous reasons.”

It was a difficult choice, but he insisted that he was leaving and that he had done so for a variety of reasons. “I’ve loved my three years there, but it’s hard because they’re such a great group of people, in front of the cameras and behind the cameras.

“So that is the reported truth. Other accounts claim that I had a disagreement with the TV crew and executives. I had no arguments with anyone. I didn’t go on a tirade. But now that I’m screaming about ranting, they’ll surely report on this! I’m not ranting, though.

Conley went on to say that he had departed the soap opera “with the Beeb’s blessings” and that he was “glad about Rocky’s leave,” having no doubt that the show’s writers would give his character a fitting send-off.

The comedian will reprise his role as Buttons in Cinderella during the holiday season at the Milton Keynes Theatre.

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