Spoilers for Coronation Street: Paul’s death news breaks him down

The update is conveyed to Paul. (Image from ITV)

In forthcoming Coronation Street episodes, Paul Foreman (Peter Ash) is horrified to learn that his friend Shelley has passed away.

Shelley and Paul originally connected at an MND support group. Shelley symbolized Paul’s future as his health deteriorates because she had already received her diagnosis before meeting Paul.

In the ITV soap opera that aired yesterday (September 15), Paul went to Shelley’s apartment with the aim of asking her about the con she had concocted with Bernie (Jane Hazlegrove). However, after falling and being saved by Todd (Gareth Pierce), Paul decided to go back to his house.

Paul tried to phone Shelley to tell her about his day, but she didn’t pick up, so he was unaware that paramedics were attending to her lifeless corpse.

Coming up, Paul’s attention shifts to a good thing: the time has come for his and Billy’s (Daniel Brocklebank) stag do!

Billy is surprised by the glitter and rainbows when they enter the Bistro, but Paul adores them.

Paul receives some distressing news (ITV picture)

At Number 7, where the drinking contests are taking place, the police show up and inform Bernie that they would like her to respond to some questions regarding a possible fraud probe involving Shelley Rothington.

When Bernie tells the police at the station that she has been picking up some packages for a young woman with MND, Paul is left speechless by the police’s shocking revelation to Bernie.

A distraught Paul discusses Shelley’s burial plans with George (Tony Maudsley) toward the conclusion of the week, explaining that he has written some words about her that he would like placed with her remains.

Can Paul survive the challenging day, though?

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