Star. of. EastEnders. Shane. Richie discusses the heartfelt Alfie and Linda scenes.

Alfie Moon and Linda Carter will have emotional sequences, according to EastEnders actor Shane Richie.

Alfie was been diagnosed with prostate cancer, and through the events of the following week, Linda will learn about his medical struggle.

To Alfie’s astonishment, Linda shows up at the hospital as he prepares for a prostatectomy to provide moral support. Richie has said that his character will value the show of kindness.

Richie remarked, “I believe it’s almost like a sense of relief for Alfie, since Alfie trusts Linda implicitly. Alfie simply sobs on Linda’s shoulder since it is a big relief that she is aware of his needs. There must be a lot of love for Alfie and Linda out there.

Alfie “hits rock bottom” at this particular point, the man continued. “This massive bombshell has really blown his world apart,” said Kat. “He was just settling back into the Square, he’s got a nice job at the bookies, he’s got a roof over his head and he’s established a relationship with Kat and the kids.”

Richie, who made a comeback to the BBC soap opera last year, also disclosed that he had spoken with charities in advance of the plot, adding that this research had helped him to present a more nuanced and truthful representation.

The degree of study required to produce a program like EastEnders is a luxury, he said. The team puts a lot of effort into making sure that what is shown on screen is as accurate as possible.

It’s wonderful to have access to outstanding organizations like Macmillan Cancer Support and Prostate Cancer UK, which EastEnders put me in touch with. “Talking to survivors and those who have experienced this has been really beneficial,” he continued.

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