Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Bob is terrified by Cathy’s new boyfriend as she makes a stunning decision in the spoiler video for Emmerdale.

Bob is terrified by Cathy’s new boyfriend as she makes a stunning decision in the spoiler video for Emmerdale.

In the midst of her Emmerdale PMDD nightmare, is there a sweet little light at the end of the tunnel for Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling)?

In all honesty, Cathy is one of the Emmerdale cast members who most deserves some comic relief. Over the past three months, she has suffered excruciating menstrual pain, which has had a significant impact on her future.

Her capacity to take tests, her friendships, her relationship with her father, and even her nearly hurting herself by downing a bottle of vodka have all been significantly impacted by them.

She made the decision to travel up north to her brother Scott’s house in order to escape the harm she was doing and take a vacation from everyday life. It was her hope that it would make things more peaceful.

It was not to be, however, since when she returned to the village, her problems followed her; her absence had not made any difference. Additionally, learning that she had PMDD did not improve matters because it was an incurable condition, which made everything ten times worse.

a loving gaze! (Image from ITV)
After spending time in the lakes with her brother, Cathy just recently returned (Image: ITV).

Despite being told by doctors that there is no treatment for her disease, she is now determined to find one. A timely distraction appears as she invests all of her hopes in one thing.

Cathy and Samson (Sam Hall) unintentionally begin to bond romantically. She is shocked when the Dingle lad appears to flirt back with her as she approaches him.

Before she realizes it, her rendezvous with reluctant dad Samson is set. Although we hope they become the newest unusual pair, she might suffer further if he turns out to be the village toerag.

And when Amelia Spencer (Daisy Campbell) learns the truth, could she feel that pain?

Bob is one guy who is appalled by the new union; he expresses his sentiments by recalling that the young man has already gotten one female pregnant.

Is it already over before it ever started?

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