After sex allegations, Danniella Westbrook received criticism for standing up for Russell Brand.

In an Instagram post, EastEnders actress Danniella defended Russell Brand (Image: Getty / REX).

After Russell Brand was accused of rape, sexual assault, and possessive behavior, Danniella Westbrook received criticism for standing up for him.

The four women’s claims go back to the years between 2006 and 2013, when he was at the height of his career.

In a video released online on Friday night, Brand, 48, who was the focus of Saturday night’s Dispatches broadcast on Channel 4 and The Times, denied the accusations and said that while he was “promiscuous,” all of his relationships had been “consensual.”

EastEnders actress Danniella defended Brand in a remark under the aforementioned video, calling what was being said about him “disgusting” and describing the Get Him To The Greek actor as “gentle.”

On social media, the former Sam Mitchell actress said, “It’s horrible what’s being said about you.”

“I have never encountered a more nice, generous, and hilarious person in my life.” Speaking the truth and challenging certain objectives does not make you a target for defamation.

We all know it’s falsehoods, yet I wish you the best. Love to you always, pal xx.

With her remarks, the EastEnders actress generated criticism, and social media users were eager to call her out for what she said.

An angry commenter remarked, “Just because it didn’t happen to you doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to anyone else.”

Brand has categorically refuted the claims. (Image via Getty)

There is unmistakable video available that demonstrates how he has represented HIMSELF.

Why doesn’t that suffice to make you reject his behavior? I’m surprised you’re here in his defense.

“Just because that’s your experience of him doesn’t imply that’s someone else’s,” another person added.

It has contacted Daniella’s representatives for comment.

Russell Brand was hailed by Danniella as “helpful” and “gentle.” (Image: Shutterstock/ITV)

In EastEnders, Danniella is most known for playing Sam Mitchell. She began acting in the long-running soap opera in 1990 and continued doing so till she left in 2000.

Sam was eliminated from the show and replaced by actress Kim Medcalf when she made a comeback in 2002.

Sam made a notable reappearance in 2009, and Danniella went on to repeat the part. The actress made her final public appearance at Peggy’s burial in 2016.

In more recent years, Kim has taken over as Sam once more, and in the upcoming months, she will return to EastEnders as the famous Mitchell sister.

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