Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale David makes a significant decision before the heartbreaking exit story in Emmerdale.

David makes a significant decision before the heartbreaking exit story in Emmerdale.

David acknowledges his ongoing feelings for Victoria. (Image via ITV)

Prior to his heartfelt exit story, David Metcalfe (Matthew Wolfenden) made a significant choice in recent Emmerdale scenes.

As she went on a date with an old school friend, viewers saw David arrive at the home of ex-girlfriend Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) to watch over son Harry.

Despite her excitement for the date, it quickly became apparent that he wasn’t her type due to his obsession with taking photos for social media.

Soon after making her excuses, she left early and got home just in time to see David playing happily with Harry.

Victoria admitted to David that she was at least a little tipsy as she told him about her “diabolical date,” which caused David to reminisce about earlier times.

Before David decided it was time to return to work, the two discussed past times when they had been intoxicated together.

Victoria said as he was leaving that she would have been better off staying home with him, which gave David a smug feeling.

When he got back to work, David told Jacob (Joe-Warren Plant) how Victoria’s date had ‘got his back up,’ despite the fact that he had earlier expressed gratitude that she was moving on.

He admitted that he had lied about that and that after their earlier conversation and laughter, he had realized that his feelings for her remained unchanged.

He continued by saying that he felt as though he might have a chance to win her back and that all he needed to do was figure out how.

Can he be successful?

Since David is soon to depart the Emmerdale village, he will experience heartbreak in upcoming scenes as Jacob is taken to the hospital after being fed nuts.

He is informed by Victoria that the food is nut-free, but he soon develops an allergy.

Will Victoria’s actions cause David to change his mind about her, or will he continue to want to date her?

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