Spoilers for Emmerdale: Craig tortures Lydia by abusing Samson.

Craig and Samson spend time together (ITV image)

Lydia (Karen Blick) was cornered by Craig (Ben Addis) and raped, leaving her traumatized. Craig then attempted to gaslight Lydia into believing it was her fault. He told her it was all in her head when she reminded him that she had said no. The evil rapist in Emmerdale is about to go one step further and use her own stepson against her, but that will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Craig used emotional blackmail over Toby the infant to worm his way back into Lydia’s life. He exploited his “grief” to approach her, setting up several “near-kiss” scenarios when he drew too close. In a tragic turn of events, he raped her by using this intimate connection as leverage. Then he made an effort to convince her that she had requested it.

He does more pure evil than that. While Craig is preparing for his next move, Sam (James Hooton) and Lydia’s marriage has deteriorated since this horror occurred. Sam is still in the dark about what happened.

Before departing for Ireland, Sam tries desperately to make amends with Lydia, but she is unable to provide for his needs. Sam feels like she is pushing him away while she is internally disintegrating.

Craig is keeping Lydia away from him, but he is still controlling the unaware Samson. He employs Samson to raise the stakes for the Dingles. He bombards him with inquiries about Lydia’s friendship with Sam, and Lydia is shocked to discover the two enjoying a drink together in the Woolpack. She finally snaps out of her agony and makes Samson go back to his house.

Lydia’s battle goes on. (Image via ITV)

Samson berates Lydia for advising him to avoid Craig when all he can think about is the future Craig can provide. Lydia’s friend Mandy (Lisa Riley) notices something is wrong with her and becomes worried.
She has reason to be concerned because Lydia’s ordeal is not yet over. When Craig arrives, Lydia is by herself in the office because she decided not to speak to the police.

He becomes combative, adamant that he did nothing wrong, but he drives Lydia to the brink, where she snaps, calling the filthy pig a racist.

Is Craig about to get what’s coming to him?

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