Star of Home and Away previews shocking Justin and Leah kidnapping plotline

Spoilers for Australian and UK viewers of Home and Away are underneath.

Ada Nicodemou, who plays Leah Patterson-Baker on the hit Australian television series Home and Away, has given viewers some ideas about what to anticipate from a disturbing new plot line in which Leah and her partner Justin Morgan are abducted.

The spooky sequences are included in this week’s episodes of the Australian Channel 7 soap opera as well as the serial’s season finale in the UK in November.

Leah and Justin’s week starts off on a positive note when Justin receives a call informing him that he has won a complimentary romantic holiday. He and Leah are overjoyed, eager to spend some quality alone time far from Summer Bay, and they immediately begin organizing their peaceful vacation.

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However, things take a terrible turn when they experience a breakdown while traveling to their destination.

According to TV Week, actress Ada, “Justin and Leah were intercepted and abducted on the way to their vacation, there’s a breakdown on the road.” Three days later, we discover them in a closed-down warehouse. They don’t know where they are and haven’t had any food or drink.

Justin feverishly tries to find a way out of the abandoned warehouse with the couple trapped inside and no means to call for help, but his efforts are unsuccessful.

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Leah and Justin struggle to even stand as they clutch each other in what they feel may be their dying moments due to dehydration and weakness.

Justin makes a last-ditch effort to escape by scaling the building’s rafters using a nearby ladder. But because the incident has sapped his strength, Justin stumbles and the unsteady roof’s scrap metal crashes on top of him.

Leah hurries to remove the debris from him, but Justin is unable to move and is having trouble breathing due to the hit.

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Ada said that Justin “falls on his back and is seriously hurt.” She is aware that time is running out and he might pass away.

As Justin goes in and out of consciousness, terrified Leah tears by his side, worried that she could be about to lose the love of her life.

Will Justin make it through the terrifying experience, and if not, who has abducted the pair and abandoned them for dead?

After saying farewell to youngster Andrew Lawrence, who opted to move in with his sister Tegan rather than stay with the couple permanently, Justin and Leah are now faced with another unexpected turn of events.

Weekdays at 1.45 pm on Channel 5 and 6 pm on 5STAR, Home and Away is shown. At 6.30 p.m., 5STAR broadcasts sneak peeks, while My5 also streams the program.

The program airs on Channel 7 and is streamed on 7plus in Australia from Monday through Thursday at 7 p.m.

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