A terrifying scene is seen in the Coronation Street teaser video tonight: dead body bones are discovered.

When construction on Ed Bailey’s new building site begins and a horrific find is made, a major shock is in store for him on tonight’s (September 19) Coronation Street.

When the delayed diggers finally show up at the job site, work can start. Neil, the site manager, tells his staff that hard helmets are required at all times on the job site. Because health and safety are serious matters, Ed urges Neil to keep an eye on that situation.

He responds, “We don’t want anyone ending up six feet beneath,” which turns out to be a prescient description of what is about to happen.

Ed is summoned by a horrified coworker who requests his presence to inspect something. Ed appears astonished as he approaches and examines the discovery made by the digger.

Due to the discovery of a dead corpse by the digger, Stephen Reid’s (Todd Boyce) actions begin to come to light at this point.

Recently, Stephen has been concentrating on getting closer to Jenny (ITV picture).

Stephen’s life begins to fall apart from this point on since he will soon learn about the horrifying revelation. When it is determined that the body belongs to Leo Thompkins (Joe Frost), Stephen’s first victim, things only become worse.

Viewers will recall that Leo, Jenny Connor’s (Sally Ann Matthews) partner, was killed by Stephen after he came dangerously close to learning that Stephen was attempting to defraud Audrey (Sue Nicholls) of her money.

Craig announces the news. (Image from ITV)

Leo banged his head and ended up in a dumpster after the two guys got into a brawl on the industrial gantry.

Stephen then murdered Teddy, the father of Leo (Grant Burgin), after this. Businessman Rufus was his third victim, who he drugged before killing by drowning in a pool.

Super Soap Week in October will serve as the narrative’s eventual culmination, and we are aware that Todd Boyce has already shot his closing sequences.

Between now and then, there will be a lot of drama on the street as Stephen’s misdeeds are revealed one by one and he becomes more and more frantic to conceal his tracks.

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