As Nugget vanishes, EastEnders verifies Ravi’s tragic narrative.

Spoilers for EastEnders follow.

As his teenage son Nugget disappears, Ravi Gulati is in for a heartbreaking experience on EastEnders.

Following several embarrassing chats with Suki, who is attempting to implicate Ravi as the real cause of Ranveer’s murder, Nugget will vanish in subsequent scenes.

Suki just discovered that Ravi, not her, was truly accountable for killing Ranveer last year.

Although viewers are aware that Suki’s son Kheerat was ultimately sentenced to prison for the crime, as the plot develops, Suki will grow more desperate to reveal the truth.

The scenes from next week will show Ravi being shocked when he learns Nugget is missing and blaming Suki right away.

The search for Nugget quickly picks up as Nish presses Ravi to contact the police and Suki struggles with her guilt.

When the police interrogate Ravi incessantly as part of their investigations, Ravi becomes irritated.

When Denzel reveals to Ravi that his kid is afraid of him and that Ravi is solely to blame for Nugget’s abduction, Ravi is left even more devastated.

Gina Knight from EastEnders will make a shocking admission in the Cindy plot.

PC Nash queries Suki about Nugget’s abduction and whether there were issues at home. Suki responds.

She wants to involve Ravi in it, so he and Nish want to know why the police are looking into this.

Ravi approaches Denise because he thinks he understands why; but, when he accuses her of causing trouble with PC Nash, she responds by telling him some brutally honest realities.

Ravi is tormenting himself about Nugget’s abduction and is in a state of upheaval where he can’t stop hitting others.

Nish requests that Suki begin treating his eldest son as though he were one of her own children in order to sustain him.

Broken and still searching the streets for Nugget, Ravi is a shadow of the man he once was.

Denise talks to Denzel while the hunt is still going on and allows her hate of Ravi get the best of her, making him very angry. Where is Nugget, though? Will he be discovered?

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