Charles Anderson from Emmerdale attacks Tom King in a violent incident.

Below are Emmerdale spoilers.

Next week, Charles Anderson of Emmerdale lashes out at Tom King as he battles to deal with his persistent guilt over the murder of his father.

Manpreet Sharma begs Charles to return to the village, but it soon becomes apparent that his absence hasn’t done him any good.

Manpreet and Ethan Anderson take the day off from work to assist Victor’s wife Claudette with funeral arrangements before Charles arrives.

Claudette is hesitant about the preparations to honor Victor since she still believes that he stole a pricey jewelry before he passed away.

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Manpreet does her best to uplift Claudette although secretly knowing that Victor was not guilty. As they make an effort to concentrate on the funeral arrangements, they have a brief moment of sincere affection.

The next day, Manpreet becomes aware of how difficult it is for her to bear the guilt of allowing Claudette to accept the lie regarding Victor and the jewelry. She calls Charles and begs him to come back to the community and clear the air.

Charles first intended to tell Claudette the truth about how he had framed Victor when he got home. Unfortunately, Charles can’t force himself to speak when Claudette praises her son’s virtue and instead chooses to remain silent.

Tom becomes concerned later on when he witnesses Charles binge-drinking at The Woolpack.

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Tom intervenes and attempts to assist Charles, but the vicar becomes enraged and reacts violently.

The pub’s patrons watch in disbelief as Charles allows the conflict to escalate and pins Tom to the bar. Only after repeated pleading from Tom’s family does he free him.

Manpreet pleads with Charles once more to disclose the truth for everyone’s benefit as he is shaken by what his guilt is doing to him. Charles, would you listen?

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