Mackenzie Boyd and Chloe Harris’ engagement is confirmed by Emmerdale.

Below are Emmerdale spoilers.

After realizing that Chloe Harris could be pregnant once more, Mackenzie Boyd of Emmerdale asks her to marry him the next week.

When it appears that their new family structure will be growing, Mack is desperate to demonstrate his devotion to Chloe.

Early the next week, Chloe confides in her sister Amy Wyatt that she believes she is pregnant.

When Mack eventually gets home, Chloe is seen ordering a pregnancy test on her phone.

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Even though Mack seems surprised, it’s obvious that he is happy as he continues to propose. Chloe accepts the proposal with joy.

As the week progresses, Mack and Chloe tell more of their closest relatives and friends about their news.

Moira Dingle, the sister of Mack, worries that he has hurried into his engagement to Chloe, but he dismisses her fears.

Nate Robinson also expresses his opinion in private, saying that Mack is more eager to have a kid than to spend the rest of his life with Chloe.

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Later, Chloe tells Amy that she isn’t actually pregnant because her menstruation has started. She is ready to tell Mack the news, but she finds herself unable to after hearing him speak adoringly of their unborn child.

Chloe continues to hold off on telling Mack the truth because she believes he won’t want her if she isn’t pregnant, she tells Amy.

Chloe ultimately tells Mack the truth the next day, but how will he take the information?

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