Upon learning of Leo’s passing while having a sexual encounter with the murderer Stephen, Jenny was shocked to her core on Coronation Street.

Unsettling news is coming (Image: ITV)

In Coronation Street, Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) is about to learn some shocking information about her ex.

Last September, Jenny and Leo Tompkins (Joe Frost) called it quits.

However, we know that Leo was actually murdered by Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) before going missing. The cherished character believes Leo left Weatherfield for Canada alone because he didn’t want to be with her any longer.

Jenny recently proposed the notion of taking a vacation after beginning a relationship with Stephen.

The happy couple soon returns to the cobblestones, but when Jenny learns about Leo, her plans to concentrate on the future are immediately dashed.

Trevor Michael Georges and Vinta Morgan’s Ed and Ronnie (who are preparing a business strategy) travel to their construction site.

The promise of building new homes, however, is dashed by a digger operator who successfully moves enough earth with the digger in use to find a dead corpse.

In the meanwhile, a couple It’s time for Stephen to move into the tavern, Jenny informs him.

Jenny is completely in love, but it won’t last long (ITV image)

Stephen then joyfully returns to work, but when he learns that a corpse has been discovered on a construction site, his attitude is completely turned around.

Back at the bar, Ed tells Stephen that the body is really a man’s, and as if on cue, Craig (Colson Smith) walks in and tells Jenny that the body on the construction site is Leo’s.

Jenny is in disbelief, but will Stephen be able to hide his tracks?

If he succeeds this time, it won’t last for long because the character has been observed by the canal where he dumped Teddy’s body, trying to strangle Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine), and thinking about leaving while in an airport.

The citizens of Weatherfield will eventually learn the truth about Stephen, but what will transpire in his climactic scenes?

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